It’s difficult being a hardcore makeup enthusiast and having acne prone skin, isn’t it? You’re always torn between skincare and makeup. Eventually, you just avoid doing makeup as it can worsen your acne or even trigger it for that matter.

All of these issues can be resolved if you prep your skin well before going in with your makeup. Scroll down to know more...

prep your acne prone skin for long lasting makeup


When you have skin that’s prone to breakouts, using harsh products is a strict no-no. Use a mild cleanser such as the Citra Pimple Clear Face Wash which is enriched with Japanese green tea–it’s power-packed with antioxidants that give your skin a healthy glow and clear any blemishes whatsoever. Use a clean, fresh towel to gently pat your skin–remember to not tug and pull as that can worsen your acne.


Post cleansing, apply your usual anti-acne treatment only on the areas where you’re breaking out. Gels such as benzoyl peroxide etc. work as an antiseptic on the p. acne bacteria that are present on the acne-prone skin, thus drying out the acne. Wait for the medication to settle.


Use a moisturiser that’s high on hydration and low on grease such as the Pond’s White Beauty Winter Anti-spot Moisturiser. It targets acne spots and makes your skin supple and bouncy!


Whether or not you’re putting makeup, skipping sunscreen is an absolute no when it comes to skincare. Use a sunscreen such as the Lakmé Sun Expert SPF 50 PA Fairness UV Sunscreen Lotion that’ll help protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays.


The final step of your skincare and the first step towards good makeup is the application of primer. A primer makes for a smooth surface for your makeup to sit on and blurs open pores giving your makeup an airbrushed finish. Use the Lakmé Absolute Blur Perfect Primer before you start your makeup routine.