How To Tell The Difference Between Real And Fake Makeup

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurSep 21, 2018
How to tell the difference between real and fake makeup

Fake or counterfeit makeup is on the rise. And guess what? It is extremely, extremely harmful for your skin. We’re stressing on the word extremely, ‘coz fake makeup is capable of causing irreparable damage to your skin. After all, if you’re applying something on your face that’s going to be on for long hours, it’s got to come from a trusted manufacturer. The market is full of counterfeit makeup that you can be tricked into buying—especially high-end products.

And not just India, the problem is global. Recently, LAPD busted a makeup store that sold counterfeit makeup that was contaminated with human and animal feces and we honestly don’t know how to react!

Here’s how you can save your skin some serious damage by opting only for the original and giving fake makeup a kick in the butt.

Check the pricing

Brands always have a bunch of licensed retailers. So make sure you’re buying makeup only from those licensed stores. If you’re buying it online, ensure the website authorized to sell that specific brand! Fake makeup available in unlicensed stores is usually cheaper than the original. So, make sure you know the price of the original product to instantly spot a fake one.



Check the packaging

If the makeup you’re buying is fake, mark our words—It. Will. Not. Swatch. Well. A better way of doing this is swatching both real and fake products of the same range to compare the texture and longevity. Yes, you will have to show some patience, but isn’t that a better option as opposed to subjecting your skin to hazardous items?


Check the packaging

Check the packaging

Low-quality plastics, faded colours, ill-fitting mirrors etc. are clear indicators of the product being a sham. In some cases, the names of the products aren’t even spelled correctly! So, keep an eye out for all of these before you buy them.

Avoid Insta shopping

Instagram is populated with a host of accounts selling makeup for cheap—claiming that they’re 100% original. No matter how tempted you get to buy them, know that there’s absolutely no way you can check the packaging and swatch the product to be sure. So, avoid it completely!

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