How To Wear Crystal Makeup

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurMay 11, 2018
How to wear crystal makeup
Glitter makeup keeps getting its own versions and upgrades from time to time—and this time, the upgrade has been something we’re absolutely digging! Yes, it’s crystal makeup—a trend that has made plenty of runway appearances in the past, but now, people are wearing it IRL and are slaying every bit of it. Scroll down to see how you can doll up your face with some pretty crystals and rhinestones…


We’re so done with gold eyeshadow being overused, especially for parties! It’s time to switch things up a lil—and what better way to do that than using crystals? You can go with a minimalistic approach by gluing clear crystals on your eyelid. We recommend using a maximum of 3 crystals to cover the entire eyelid without it looking OTT. Alternatively, you can also dot them under your eye à la Jeremy Scott’s runway beauty look.


A subtler approach to this trend is the one we saw at Givenchy where one crystal was glued on the cheekbone for a minimalistic yet statement-making look.


Face jewels are having a serious moment right now, apart from being a key trend on the runways; you can also spot them at music festivals etc. They’re also a great option to wear over an ethnic look!

For an ethnic look, you can dot the crystals by the wing of your winged eyeliner—you can either line them over the existing wing or place them one above the other using a tape, just as you would to get a precise cat eye.


This trend can be a tad bit tricky when it comes to wearing it on the lips—we recommend making sure you glue the crystals well and opt for smaller sized crystals as opposed to chunkier ones so that they stick better.

Now that you know how the many ways to wear face jewels, go ahead and ace the crystal makeup trend like a total boss!

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