Mistakes Brides Make While Choosing A Makeup Look

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurSep 20, 2018
Mistakes brides make while choosing a makeup look

Dear bride-to-be, we know you’re gearing up for your big day and are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to all the prep—be it your outfits, jewellery, makeup, venue, food etc. There’s so much that goes into making a wedding happen, doesn’t it?

But when it comes to makeup, there are a few mistakes that you will tend to make while choosing your bridal makeup look...

Not choosing the right makeup artist

Your makeup artist will be responsible to doll up your face on your big day—so you cannot settle for just anyone. Go through their work (especially bridal makeup), rely on trustworthy peoples’ references and choose someone whose work you have seen on a real bride at her wedding. Even if you have someone in mind, keep your options open and look for as many makeup artists as you can.

Relying on pictures from the internet

While the internet is probably the only place where you will conduct your research, you shouldn’t deny the possibility of those pictures being colour corrected or airbrushed. The bridal makeup in the picture may also be done on a completely different skin tone and won’t necessarily flatter yours. So, don’t expect it to turn out the way it looks in the picture or use it as the only reference.


Not making time for enough trials

Not choosing versatile makeup looks

Yes, we get it. Sitting through makeup trials can be extremely time-consuming. But, you need to see the work happening in real time. Only then will you be able to figure if the makeup look that you want goes well with your outfits. The trials are important ‘coz they’re an interactive session between you and your makeup artist wherein there’s an exchange of creative ideas, so don’t ignore them!

Tip – make sure you do a trial with the outfit and jewellery to get a complete idea of how it’s going to look like.

Not checking the makeup look in different lighting

You might do your trial in front of a mirror with yellow lighting, but your wedding mandap could be in an outdoor setting. What we’re trying to say is that lighting plays a key role in how the makeup looks. Make sure you keep the makeup artist well informed about the venue, how the lighting is going to be and schedule your trial such that you can check the makeup in different kinds of lighting.


Not choosing versatile makeup looks

Not choosing versatile makeup looks

There’s barely time to go from one function to another, and choosing a makeup look that will take forever to do amidst the outfit change, hairstyle change, jewellery change etc. will prove to be a bad, bad decision. Avoid waterproof makeup for the day functions (as it takes time to remove) and save it for the evening functions. Choose makeup looks that are strikingly different but are also hassle-free to do.

Underestimating touch-ups

Your face will tend to get oily and sweaty, thus ruining the makeup look. Even if you’re in an indoor setting with air-conditioning, your face will get cakey after a few hours. So, don’t underestimate the power of touch-ups and ensure that your makeup artist or their assistant is available throughout for the same!

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