Pinterest-Inspired Nail Art For The Summers

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurOct 10, 2018
Pinterest-inspired nail art for the summers

It’s been so long since we discussed nails with you girls, but no excuses now ‘coz summer is almost here! And nothing spells summer than some cutesy nail art, you know, just to add a nice finishing touch to your summer style? And what better place to hunt for ideas than the ultimate destination for all things pretty—Pinterest?

If you’re planning a DIY or wish to hit the salon for a summer manicure, here are some ideas you should bookmark…


One can never say no to drool-worthy shades of pastel on their nails, and you can doll them up further by adding some random dots in white and black—they don’t have to be symmetrical at all, so precision isn’t needed. This is an Easter egg inspired manicure, but works great for the summers too and is extremely easy to do.


A combination of candy pinks topped up with some tropical art can never go wrong—especially in the summers! This nail art is making us want to take a trip to an island, stat!


If you’re big on bling, this nail art is for you. And it’s great for the summers ‘coz it’s light-hued with just the right amount of glitter that strikes the perfect balance between fresh, summer nails and party nails. We love!


Up your quirk quotient with cutesy nail art like this—we personally love pineapples ‘coz they look so adorable, but feel free to opt for a fruit design of your choice.


Unicorns may not exist IRL but our obsession with them is real. If you feel the same then your summer manicure must include unicorn nails. Whether you want to go all out with the gleaming unicorn shades,  emboss unicorn horns on your nails or go quirky with unicorn doodles—everyone could use a fun burst of colours in the summer season, isn’t it?  Opt for this colourful unicorn nail art for your next summer manicure.


Multi coloured candy striped manicures are another summer favourite and they look gorgeous, especially when worn with solid coloured outfits—whites, navy blues, blacks and more! You can do these at home using tapes as well.

Which of these adorable summer nail arts are you tempted to try?

Image credits: Pinterest, harpersbazaar

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