Have You Seen These Runway-Inspired Glitter Makeup Looks?

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurOct 03, 2018
If there’s one thing that’s perpetually trending in the world of makeup, it’s glitter. Season after season, there are new glitter makeup trends that surface the runways and give us tons of inspo to wear it in unconventional ways. It’s time to think beyond the glitter eyeshadow, ladies, as we’ve put together some gorg runway inspired glitter makeup looks for you to try…


Glitter doesn’t have to be worn in the form of light pigments all the time. A chunkier version in the form of rhinestones decorated over your crease and lids is an option too—this runway look at Dior is a great example of how to blend chunky glitter seamlessly with eyeshadow to create a statement, head-turning eye.

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This look was spotted at the Fendi show at Paris Fashion Week back in 2016. Wearing glitter on the lips is perhaps the most extra you can ever go with glitter—but if that’s how you roll, this look is for you. Grab your favourite pigment to smear it all over your lips. You can do this using a lip gloss and follow it up with a setting spray to ensure it stays bulletproof.


If you’re torn between your love for glitter and minimalism, strike the perfect balance with a soft, glittery eye makeup look à la Oscar de la Renta. All you need to do is apply a teeny amount of your favourite pigment over a muted shadow on the lid and under the eye.


Your inner-corner highlight just got a stunning new upgrade! This look at Prabal Gurung used holographic pigments to highlight the inner corners of the eyes and kept the rest of the eye sans any makeup whatsoever.


The under-eye glitter trend was taken for a celestial spin by Dior with their glittery star freckles. The Coachella-apt look is definitely a treat to the eyes (pun intended)! We never assumed that the obvious transition from glitter under eyes to freckles would be such a gorgeous one, TBH.


There are thin brows, strong, bushy brows, and then there glitter brows. Dior did it again with their obsession with glitter—the brows were covered in a metallic solid gold liquid glitter and looked stunning as ever. Wearable? Maybe not. But statement-making for sure!

Image credits: diadebeaute, teenvogue, fashionista, morhpio, stylecaster

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