When it comes to wearing lipsticks, we seldom go for shades that are beyond our comfort zones. We stick to pinks, reds, nudes, browns and keep playing with shades within the same families.

But, if you’ve been thinking of stepping out of your comfort zone and need some inspo, take a look at all these celebs that went all out and embraced unconventional colours on their lips and pretty much nailed it.

Kylie Jenners lipstick colour

Kylie Jenner

The thought of having sky blue lips might be freaky, but not if you’re Kylie Jenner. Icy blue lips are definitely not for the faint-hearted but for Kylie, it’s NBD!

Rihannas lipstick colour


Rihanna has a favourite quirky blue lipstick that she has sported not just once, but multiple times—a gorgeously pigmented metallic blue that we wish we had the guts to pull off. Risqué isn’t a word in Rihanna’s dictionary, quite evidently!

Gigi Hadids lipstick colour

Gigi Hadid

Gigi embraced her inner goth by opting for the darkest black lipstick she could find, and made it look like it’s an everyday thing for her! She was snapped making an exit from the Fenty X Puma show with a statement black lip and gelled white hair (what?!)!

Rihannas lip colour


Looks like metallic pigments are Rihanna’s jam. How gorg is this metallic bottle green lipstick shade on Rihanna’s lips? We wonder if there’s anything in this world that she can’t pull off.

Gigi Hadid and Rihannas lip colour

Gigi Hadid and Rihanna

If you’ve always thought of buying that unconventionally stunning gunmetal grey shade of lipstick, this is the time. Not sure how you will end up looking? Turns out you can slay it no matter what your skin tone is. Rihanna and Gigi cite a great example for that.

Lucy Hales lipstick colour

Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale too jumped on the blue lipstick bandwagon—she chose to sport a rich matte blue pout and kept the rest of her face makeup minimal. The highlight of her entire look was the colour being strongly contrasted with her mustard top. We’d totally wear this for a music festival!

Jennifer Lopezs lipstick colour

Jennifer Lopez

Props to Jennifer Lopez for going extra with her lipstick back in 2013 when she chose to wear a yellow lipstick in her single ‘Live It Up’. Who would’ve thought yellow lips would look so good anyway? Guess, that’s just a JLo thing, but you could try it too, all you need is oodles of confidence!

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written by on Mar 11, 2018


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