4 Most Common Lipstick Mistakes That Are Making You Look Older

Written by Urvi DalalMay 17, 2024
4 most common lipstick mistakes that are making you look older

Ask any girl about that one makeup product that she has way too many of, and she would be quick to tell you that it is lipsticks. From nudes to pinks to reds, all of us are guilty of having a few too many, sometimes even in similar shades.

But such is the relationship we share with our lipsticks. For most of us, going a day without our favourite lippie is a nightmare we would rather not experience. While we all know that lipstick can do wonders to your overall appearance, did you know that if applied incorrectly it can also make you look older? Read on as we take you through some common lipstick mistakes you are probably making!


Applying lipstick on dry and flaky lips

Wearing a really dark or bright lip colour

Applying lipstick on dry and flaky lips is a definite recipe to look unattractive. Dry lips can cause lipstick to set in the cracks around your mouth, making your face look more mature. Make sure to exfoliate your lips regularly using a gentle exfoliator. Lightly buffing your lips helps to remove dead skin cells and make your lips appear slightly plumper.



Picking the wrong formula

Wearing a really dark or bright lip colour

Long-wear lipsticks are a beauty junkie’s BFFs. But before you jump on this bandwagon, it is important to know that long-wear lipstick formulas are super matte and can be insanely drying on already mature skin. Instead we would recommend you switch to lipstick formulas that have a velvet or cream finish. They may not last as long, but will definitely make you look super fresh and youthful.


Skipping a primer

Wearing a really dark or bright lip colour

Smudging and bleeding are two words that you never want to associate with your lipstick. The main job of lip primer is to prevent your lipstick from feathering and settling into the lines around your mouth. When it comes to mature skin, lipsticks tend to look fuzzy because the product migrates over the edge of the lip line. This where lip primers come in super handy as it will stop this smudging in its tracks.


Wearing a really dark or bright lip colour

Wearing a really dark or bright lip colour

We know how much you love wearing a bright, bold lip colour, but according to the pros, it is better to be a little picky as you get older. This is because, as you age, your lips tend to become thinner and darker lip shades only enhance this fact by making them appear even thinner. Stick to lighter and natural-looking lipstick colours like corals, nudes, and pinks because they help lips appear fuller and younger. It is smarter to avoid anything too bright and loud as that draw attention to any fine lines or imperfections around the mouth area making you look older.

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