4 Super Simple Hacks To Fix Broken Nails

Written by Shravani ChavanMay 16, 2024
4 super simple hacks to fix broken nails

Nothing is more painful than a broken nail, especially if it’s a well-manicured gel nail. You can either fix the broken nail or you can chop the rest of your nails to avoid them from looking uneven and unpleasant. Here are a few ways you can prevent this horrific nightmare…


Tea Bag

Fake nails

Clip the broken nail close to the fingertip. Using a nail filer, scrape any broken edges and snags. Trim a tea bag to a patch of a size that can cover the broken nail. Then paint your nail with a gentle coat of nail polish and leave it to dry partly. Once the paint dries, fill in the tea bag patch and apply another coat of nail polish over it. To hide the presence of the tea bag you can apply multiple thin layers of nail polish over it. Simple!



Fake nails

It is the most basic and primary way to fix any broken thing. In this case, you will be needing a nail glue which you might be already using to stick acrylic nails. Apply some glue to the broken nail and position in a way to cover the broken crack and look natural. Then repaint this nail using a dark colour to avoid the appearance of glue of breakage.     


Gel Silk

Fake nails

If you have a broken nail, then silk warp is the easiest way to deal with it. The silk wrap binds your nail like a band-aid. Leave it for a few minutes for the silk wrap to get a firm hold. Then apply a coat of nail polish to camouflage the previous malfunctions.


Fake nails

Fake nails

If you do break a nail and do not want to fuss over fixing it, then cut it completely. Chop your nail using a nail cutter and apply a fake acrylic nail over it. This method is simple and convenient as it does not involve many tools and gives you a natural finish. 

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