5 Amazing Beauty Hacks Using Vaseline No One Told You About

Written by Anjali AgarwalMay 14, 2024
5 amazing beauty hacks using Vaseline no one told you about

We bet you a hundred bucks that if we reached for your purse or beauty drawer, we’d find a little jar or tube of Vaseline sitting there. Are we right? Thought so! Vaseline is one beauty staple that’s been around for years now and still holds a firm place in our life (and hearts). The uses and benefits of this jelly-in-a-jar are endless and we are sure you even know some; for chapped lips and cuticles, to name a few. But it can do (so much) more than that. Here are five surprising Vaseline beauty hacks you didn’t know about.


Make anything glossy

Tone down unruly flyways

Mix a little bit of your Vaseline with your eyeshadow powder and get gorgeous glossy lids. Dab some Vaseline on top of your matte lips to make them glossy and shiny in a tick. Mix your powder highlighter with Vaseline and get the same exact dewy glow you get from a liquid highlighter.


Keep nail polish from ruining your skin

Tone down unruly flyways

Before painting your nails, take some Vaseline on a Q-tip and roll it on the skin around your nails. It doesn’t let nail polish stick to the skin. When you’re done, just wipe the excess polish; it comes off like a dream.


Use it as a lash primer

Tone down unruly flyways

Vaseline can double up as a lash primer. It separates the lash hair and makes it easier for the mascara to come off smoothly. Take Vaseline on a clean mascara wand and run it through your lashes before applying mascara.


Make your perfume last longer

Tone down unruly flyways

Rub Vaseline on your skin before spritzing that favourite perfume of yours. The balmy texture will lock in the fragrance, making last longer. You’ll leave a trail of scent wherever you go all day.


Tone down unruly flyways

Tone down unruly flyways

Hair misbehaving? Rub some Vaseline on your palms and run them through the ends to tame and smoothen out the rough strands. It works great on eyebrow hair too, BTW.

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