5 Eyebrow Makeup Products You Need To Add To Your Vanity Box Rn

Written by Sumona BoseMay 21, 2024
5 eyebrow makeup products you need to add to your vanity box RN

We have all been there, done that. Judge someone by the way they groom their brows. We are self-proclaimed brow-snobs, and we cannot deny it. Eyebrows make or break a makeup look. Many beauty gurus believe brows to be the most crucial step while putting together a makeup look. Memorable looks have been created just by altering the shape of a brow, afterall, who can forget the iconic look Deepika Padukone wore in the movie Padmaavat? Just by giving the actor a unibrow, her whole character was redefined. Major props to her eyebrow makeup artist who managed to make that unibrow chic and brought it back in vogue.

But we don’t have to tell you about the importance of brows. It is always a hot topic in beauty and makeup circles. Skinny brows or bushy, properly shaped or casually fanned out...everybody has a favourite. And regardless of what your go-to look is, you can always use these five eyebrow makeup products to get your brows to look the way you want. Check them out!


1. Eyebrow Pencil

Hacks to get your eyebrow makeup on fleek

A brow pencil is already a constant in a woman’s arsenal of beauty products. The perfect pencil is one that you find easy to handle, glides smoothly on your skin, has a good texture and gives you the definition you need. So, how to do your eyebrows with a pencil? Start from the center of your brows, or else you might end up drawing it too close to your nose. Once you have done the outline, use light, feathered strokes to fill the rest of empty spaces in. It is your call how much you want to fill-in, this tool is versatile enough to give you that freedom.

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2. Eyebrow Crayon

Hacks to get your eyebrow makeup on fleek

There isn’t a sea of difference between brow pencil and a crayon. The only difference between these two kinds of eyebrow makeup lies in the fact that crayons give you a fuller look when compared to a pencil. Once you have outlined the brows with a pencil, you can use a crayon to fill them in. They often come in smooth, creamy textures, thus, giving your brows good volume. Perfect for creating bold arches, a crayon will go a long way to make your brows pop. Plus, they smell amazing!


3. Eyebrow Powder

Hacks to get your eyebrow makeup on fleek

As far as makeup tools for eyebrows go, powders are a much easier way to fill in arches if the precision of a pencil or crayon is not really your thing. They come with angled, flat-top brushes, making it easier to work with different brow shapes. These brushes give you thin, hair-like strands that look natural. It is best to work with them from the head of the brow going towards the tail, making soft upward strokes throughout. Always make sure to comb it out after working your eyebrows with powder.


4. Eyebrow Gel

Hacks to get your eyebrow makeup on fleek

Girls who are constantly on-the-go need to add an eyebrow gel into their kit. While brow powders mattify the brow hair, gels give them a shiny look and firm hold. They are also oh-so-easy to apply, instantly volumising your arch. Their fiber-infused formula latches on to individual hair and makes them look thicker. I suffer from unruly eyebrow hair which decides to go rogue once in a while. A gel helps keep it all in place and makes my brows look denser. Beginners can rely on transparent eyebrow makeup gel options; they won’t show up if you make a mistake.


5. Eyebrow Pomade

Hacks to get your eyebrow makeup on fleek

A single-service eyebrow makeup products, pomades are greasy, waxy or water-based pastes used for long-lasting hair styling needs. On eyebrows, pomades work as both the liner and filler, when used with an angled brush. For heavy-duty makeup needs, brow pomades come in handy. They are lightweight and creamy, giving your arches a thicker appearance. Make sure to go over with a spoolie at the end; pomades can be intense, a look not a lot of women are big fans of!


Hacks to get your eyebrow makeup on fleek

Hacks to get your eyebrow makeup on fleek

Even if you possess one of the best eyebrow makeup skills, it can get tricky to get your brows on fleek for the ‘gram! Try a couple of hacks to perfect their look. Use a concealer to even out the tops and bottoms of your brow. It can also be used to fix errors. Always use the shade closest to your natural hair colour so that they don't look distracting. When styling with a spoolie, brush the hair up and away from the nose. This will blend the colour naturally. Also, figure out the best arch angle to your brow according to your face shape. This will help make them more polished and defined.

If push comes to shove, you can look into some permanent eyebrow makeup methods like lamination and tattooing. If you can afford one, they will be a good option as a long-lasting alternative; especially if you don't have the time to do it on your own.

FAQs about Eyebrows:

1) What is the best way to fill in your eyebrows?

A. The easiest way to fill in your brows is to use short, dash-like strokes to match the direction of your natural brow hair. You can fill in the sparse areas with a pencil or a crayon using gentle, upwards and outward strokes. Always pick a colour closest to your natural hue; that way, it blends well. To shape the outline, use an angled brush. Add definition with a similarly colored brow powder.

2) What makeup is needed for eyebrows?

A. To make your brows look chic at all times, invest in some basic tools.  Tweezers are a must to maintain them and look clean. As for the makeup, a brow pencil and a spoolie brush are basic. These are good to pull off the bare minimum; for better coverage, you can look into powders and pomades that give the brows a more intense look. You can also take the help of makeup products like eyeliners and highlighters to give them more definition. 

3) What oil makes your eyebrows grow faster? 

A. Castor oil is a pretty good ingredient to make your eyebrows grow out. They contain fatty acids, vitamins, and proteins that are needed to nourish hair follicles. You can also use vaseline to give your brows the boost they need to grow out fine eyebrow hair.


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