5 Lesser-Known Uses Of A Makeup Setting Spray

Written by Sanya HamdaniMay 23, 2024
5 lesser-known uses of a makeup setting spray
If you love wearing makeup, you probably already know of the importance of a setting spray. Come rain or sweat, it keeps your makeup look locked in place and prevents it from melting away. While you might be aware of what a makeup setting spray does, what you don’t know is that this product can do more than just keep your makeup in place.

Refreshes your makeup

Keeps concealer from creasing

Do you often just spritz your makeup setting spray before leaving home and forget about it until your next use? Well, carry it in your bag next time to give your face a quick spritz; this will not only refresh your makeup but also make sure that it lasts well into the wee hours of the morning. Be generous and let it dry completely before you get going.


Gives you an airbrushed look

Keeps concealer from creasing

Getting that flawless base is all about using the right techniques while applying foundation. Did you know spraying a little bit makeup setting spray on your damp makeup sponge will ensure your foundation looks natural? It will blend like a dream and give it an airbrushed finish.


Intensifies the colour of your eyeshadow

Keeps concealer from creasing

Trying to make your eye makeup stay put is probably the most difficult thing to do, especially when you’re trying to create a dramatic look using shimmer eye shadow. Here’s a makeup setting spray trick that will help – simply spritz some setting spray on your eyeshadow brush before picking and applying the product to your lids. This will amp up the intensity of the eyeshadow as well as prevent fallout.


Keeps the eyeliner from smudging

Keeps concealer from creasing

Do you have a difficult time keeping your pencil or liquid eyeliner in place? We get it, it could be because you have oily lids. But this makeup setting spray tip will fix the problem. Spray some setting spray on a flat eyeliner brush and use it to apply your eyeliner and lash line to make your eyes appear bigger.


Keeps concealer from creasing

Keeps concealer from creasing

Whether you use a stick or liquid concealer, some formulas tend to crease and settle into the fine lines, especially in the under-eye area. To prevent this, spritz some setting spray on your concealer brush then use the brush to blend the product for a seamless and crease-free finish.

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