5 Makeup Tools Every Girl Should Have In Her Kit

Written by Sanya HamdaniMay 21, 2024
5 makeup tools every girl should have in her kit

Whether you are a beginner trying to build your beauty kit or a makeup hoarder ensuring you have all the right tools to achieve an expert level beauty arsenal, having the right tools can up your makeup game and how.

Picking the right makeup tools for your kit can be a daunting task due to the umpteen options available in the market. But fret not - we’re about to make your life easier by saving you from all the confusion of which makeup tool to buy and which to avoid. Read on to find out.



Cotton swabs

Eyebrows make a huge difference to your look; well-groomed eyebrows will help pull your whole look together.

Even if you don’t do your brows yourself, having a tweezer can swiftly remove wayward hair when you’re in a rush. It also helps in removing splinters and applying fake lashes with ease.

This small tool does so much for your look and hardly takes up any space in your kit, so get one now!


Eyelash curler

Cotton swabs

Curling your lashes may seem like an extra step in your morning routine but trust us when we say it’s worthwhile. This easy to use tool can add oomph to your eyes and make them look dramatic and beautiful. Simply place your lashes in between the two blades of the curler and gently crimp at the base to get stunning lashes in a jiffy.


Makeup sponge

Cotton swabs

If you are still using your fingers to apply makeup, please invest in a makeup sponge right away.

You will love how this tiny and lightweight makeup tool can completely change how your foundation blends and looks on your skin. It absorbs very little product and gives a flawless finish every single time.


Brow comb

Cotton swabs

We can’t stress enough on how important well-groomed eyebrows are. Comb your brows before tweezing or filling them with a brow pencil so that you make no mistakes.

Brow comb in as essential makeup tool for anyone trying to achieve that perfect arch.


Cotton swabs

Cotton swabs

No, we didn’t add cotton swabs to this list by mistake, in fact, we added them to correct all your makeup mistakes.

This multi-purpose beauty tool can be used to clean nail polish mistakes, mascara smudges, as well as to apply eyeshadow, eyeliner and concealer with precision. They come handy when you’re travelling and don’t want to carry a lot of makeup brushes.

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