5 Ways To Incorporate Pearls In Your Makeup Look

Written by Urvi DalalMay 27, 2024
5 ways to incorporate pearls in your makeup look

Nothing gets us more excited than a new beauty trend. The joy of trying it out and incorporating the trend in our beauty routine is honestly one of our favourite things ever!

The latest makeup trend that has caught our attention is edgy and dainty at the same time. It involves using pearls of various sizes as a part of your eye makeup and boy, are we obsessed. Although this pearl eye makeup trend may not be something that you can sport on an everyday basis, it is perfect for music festivals, gigs and parties.

Curious to find out more? Below are five awesome ways in which you can sport this latest makeup trend and make heads turn everywhere you go!


01. Edgy

05.	Inner corner highlight

This is perhaps the most basic yet stunning way to sport this trend. After you are done with applying an eyeshadow of your choice, simply add a single pearl below your lower eyelids to give it an edge.


02. Cut crease

05.	Inner corner highlight

A cut crease is one eyeshadow look that is anything but basic and here is another way to add some extra jazz to it. Adorn your entire crease with some tiny pearls and extend it all the way out until it touches the tail end of your eyebrow.


03. Wing it

05.	Inner corner highlight

It’s time to give your beloved wing liner an update. Instead of drawing a wing with eyeliner, try creating it using different sized pearls. Start with the biggest pearl at the bottom, close to the outer corner of the eye and finish with the smallest one at the top, where you’d like the wing to end.



04. Eyeliner

05.	Inner corner highlight

Move over black and coloured eyeliners, it is now time for pearl eyeliners. This is a really classy way to make a statement without looking too OTT. After you have finished applying eyeshadow, go ahead and line your eyes like you normally would, but this time use pearls instead of your usual eyeliner for some added drama.


05. Inner corner highlight

05.	Inner corner highlight

Adding a little shimmery eyeshadow on your eyes inner corner is a great way to make you look more awake. But did you know a pearl inner corner highlight will totally transform this makeup hack completely? Adding a single tiny pearl right in your eye’s inner corner is a great way to brighten up your eyes and some extra definition.

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