5 Ways To Keep Your Makeup Sponges Clean And Germ-Free

Written by Tashika TyagiApr 15, 2024
5 ways to keep your makeup sponges clean and germ-free

Good makeup sponges are the difference between makeup that’s patchy and makeup that’s flawless. That’s why besides investing in the right makeup products, we also believe in deep research when it comes to buying makeup sponges and blenders. But that’s not enough, you also need to make sure to regularly cleanse these sponges to extend their longevity and keep bacteria from forming. Here are five ways to keep your makeup sponges clean and germ-free.


01. Soak in soapy water

Replace the sponge after 3-4 months of use

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Probably the easiest way to clean your makeup sponge is by simply soaking it in soapy water. Take warm water in a bowl, add a mild soap or cleanser to it and then place your beauty blenders in it for about half an hour. This will ensure that all the excessive makeup product from your sponge gets unclogged. Once done, squeeze out the water from the sponge, run it under tap water for a few seconds, and let it air dry completely before using it again.


02. Try the olive oil and dish soap method

Replace the sponge after 3-4 months of use

Take an equal amount of olive oil, dish soap and water in a bowl. Put your used and dirty makeup sponges into the mix and let it sit for some time. The olive oil in the mix will help pull away all the excess makeup, dirt and grime from the sponge while the dish soap will work to cleanse the beauty blender properly. Rinse, and then let it air dry before you use it again.


03. Microwave it

Replace the sponge after 3-4 months of use

If you spend your day scrolling reels, you might have come across this hack. Submerge your dirty makeup sponge in a microwave-safe dish with some liquid soap and water. Then pop the dish in the microwave for about one minute. Once done, bring the dish out and let the water cool down completely before draining and picking out your sponge. Finally, rinse the makeup sponge under running water, wring out excess water and let it dry completely before use.


04. Cleanse with micellar water

Replace the sponge after 3-4 months of use

Yes, just as you use micellar water to clean makeup from your face, you can use it to clean your makeup sponges as well. Just pour the Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Water on your dirty makeup blender and place it under running water. Now, slowly, using your fingers, squish the sponge to clean it. You’ll notice makeup residue from the sponge coming off easily and your sponge becoming cleaner instantly.


05. Replace the sponge after 3-4 months of use

Replace the sponge after 3-4 months of use

This is super important. While washing your sponge every week is important, it is equally important to replace it after 3 to 4 months of regular use — no matter how clean you keep them. Your makeup sponges are delicate and tend to wear and tear in some time, so make sure to replace them frequently. Also, make sure that you let your makeup sponges air dry before storing them in your makeup bags as a damp beauty sponge can become a breeding ground for bacterias. And you don’t want any of that on your face *eww*.

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