5 Ways To Put Expired Beauty Products To Use

Written by Sanya HamdaniApr 24, 2024
5 ways to put expired beauty products to use

If you are a beauty buff like us, there are high chances you have a bunch of beauty products in your makeup kit lying around way past their expiry dates. Before labelling them ‘useless’ and throwing them away, take a minute and think if you can put them to good use.

We found 5 beauty products in our vanity that can be recycled, here’s how we are using them…


Eye shadow

Lip balms

Nothing is more heart breaking than flaky and dry eye shadow, but you can still put that favourite colour to use. If you have clear nail polish mix the eye shadow pigments to it and get a fresh nail paint colour! Alternatively, if you or your friend is into candle making they can use the shadow to add colour to the wax.



Lip balms

The spoolie of mascara can do so much more than just apply mascara. Wash it off well with dish washing soap to get rid of the colour. Use this wand as a brow brush, to de-clump your mascara or even with a lip scrub to gently exfoliate your lips.



Lip balms

Hanging on to a lipstick long after its expiry date is a crime most women make. We get it you just love the shade and a million others but it is time to put it to the best use. Reheat the lipstick in a spoon this will kill all the bacteria and germs. Now mix it with the Vaseline Original Pure Skin Jelly and make your favourite tinted lip balm.



Lip balms

Expired toners cannot be used on skin but they can very well be used to clean a number of things around your house. Get rid of dirt and make your glass windows, mirrors and mobile screens squeaky clean.


Lip balms

Lip balms

The waxy texture of lip balms help with more than just moisturising your lips. It can be used to prevent blisters on feet, clean cuticles, add shine to your shoes as well as fix a stuck zipper.

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