Airbrush Makeup – The Perfect Solution To Cakey Makeup

Written by Urvi DalalMay 21, 2024
Airbrush makeup – the perfect solution to cakey makeup

A lot of makeup products these days claim that they deliver an airbrushed finish. What they mean to say is that those products deliver a very natural, skin-like finish. Airbrush makeup is a very common makeup technique used by professional makeup artists on models, actors and even brides.

This is because airbrush makeup gives your face an extremely smooth, natural and flawless finish. So what exactly is airbrush makeup, you ask? Airbrush makeup, when done correctly, creates a smooth, flawless look that may be difficult to achieve with regular makeup tools. This technique consists of a blending tool that helps give your makeup a uniform result with a more sculpted look. Instead of using your fingertips, brushes or beauty blenders to apply makeup, airbrush makeup involves the use of an air gun with pre-loaded foundation and other products. The best part of using airbrush makeup is that you need very little product because it goes a long way. Once you pull the trigger of this air gun, a mist of foundation comes out to give your face a smooth and flawless finish. You no more need to worry about your makeup looking cakey only a few hours after wearing it.


The different types of airbrush makeup formulas

Cons of using airbrush makeup

Water based: This type of airbrush makeup is an amazing option for people with oily skin, as the water-based formula settles to a completely matte finish. The matte finish of the makeup is easy to build for better coverage. It is great for people to work under bright lights where there should not be any sort of shine on the face.

Alcohol based: This type of airbrushed makeup is made with a high percentage of alcohol and has amazing staying power. But due it is incredibly high alcohol content, most makeup artists advise against using this formula. This is good when you are trying to cover up tattoos and other permanent marks on the skin.


Silicone based: If you are someone who prefers natural looking makeup, then the silicone based formula is for you. This formula gives a very bare, skin-like finish as long as you pick the correct shades that match your skin tone. Although it gives a skin-like finish, the makeup tends to deepen after a few hours and hence it is advisable to pick a lighter shade.


Benefits of airbrush makeup

Cons of using airbrush makeup

Airbrush makeup has been used by professional makeup artists as it has a lot of benefits. The foundation used by the airbrush machine is thinner than a normal liquid foundation as it has to pass through the airbrush gun. The beautician sprays a very fine mist on your skin with gentle air pressure using the air compressor. Thus airbrush makeup is lighter on the skin in comparison to traditional makeup. Following are some benefits of airbrush makeup:

Lasts all day

As airbrush makeup is more often than not, silicone based, it has a more staying power when compared to its water-based counterparts. It is also a lot more sweat and water resistant. It’ll be able to withstand most of the sweat and tears that will inevitably happen throughout the wedding day.

Provides a flawless finish

When applied properly, airbrush makeup forms an even layer on your skin by covering all the blemishes and skin imperfections. Because this makeup technique involves the spraying of very little foundation and concealer, it gives you a supernatural and skin-like finish. Moreover, as it is lightweight, your skin can breathe even as you flaunt a natural and polished look.

A little goes a long way

The foundation of airbrush makeup is to use very little product to give you full coverage. Because of the spray technique application process, a minimal amount of makeup goes a long way.

Easier to layer

The problem with traditional makeup is that it has a thicker consistency and hence when you try to layer, it ends up looking cakey. But this isn’t the case with airbrush makeup. Since this type of makeup goes on the skin in a super thin layer, it dries very quickly, giving you the leeway to go on with another coat for better coverage without looking cakey.

Camera ready

Thanks to the super thin consistency of the product used in the airbrush makeup technique, it results in a flawless, smooth base. This, in turn, ensures that the rest of your makeup applies well and does not look cakey. This is why, even when you zoom right into your face using a camera, your makeup looks super fresh and your skin looks completely flawless. This means that you look camera ready all day long.

Hygienic application

One of the most important benefits of airbrush makeup is how hygienic it is. As you apply the makeup using an airbrush gun, nothing but the product touches your skin. This means that unlike traditional makeup applications, there is no transfer of dirt, oil or bacteria to your skin in the process of applying airbrush makeup. Hence, if you have oily, sensitive or acne prone skin, this is a great option as there is no scope for any transfer of bacteria usually found on brushes and sponges.


Why you should choose airbrush makeup for your wedding day

Cons of using airbrush makeup

From concealing those blemishes to looking camera ready all day long, perfection is what you aim to achieve on your D-day. And this is where airbrush makeup is going to come to your rescue. Airbrush makeup promises to leave your skin looking absolutely matte, which is why it is a great option for all you summer brides. It ensures that your makeup stays put through the day and prevents it from wearing off easily. It has staying power of a whopping 15 hours, keeping your skin looking fresh and radiant. Additionally, airbrush makeup hides all the imperfections that could otherwise get captured on high definition cameras usually used for wedding photography.


Cons of using airbrush makeup

Cons of using airbrush makeup

Just like everything else, airbrush makeup also has its own set of cons. Although airbrush makeup is a great option if you want flawless, non-cakey makeup application, it is best to weigh both sides before you come to a decision about what technique you prefer.

Tends to be flaky

Airbrush makeup is an amazing makeup technique if you have well-nourished, moisturised and hydrated skin. But if your skin is more on the drier side, the spray on the application can enhance the dry patches of the skin, making the product appear flaky on the skin. Since the formula is waterproof, the consistency is a lot less creamy than a traditional foundation.

It can be hard to re-blend

As airbrush makeup is more resilient than traditional makeup, it does not require a lot of touch-ups. But in case you do need to touch-up your makeup after a few hours, you may find it difficult to do so. Once airbrush makeup dries down, filling in the lines and creases, retouching and achieving your initial look is nearly impossible.

Limited colour options

As the foundation that you would use in airbrush makeup is different from your traditional foundation, it may be slightly difficult to find your correct shade to achieve the look you desire.

Airbrush makeup can be expensive  

Airbrush makeup can prove to be a slightly expensive technique if you are someone who is on a budget. As it is an added investment for makeup artists too, they charge extra for this sort of a makeup application.

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