Beautiful Butterfly Nail Art Ideas For Your Next Manicure Appointment

Written by Sanya HamdaniJun 06, 2024
Beautiful butterfly nail art ideas for your next manicure appointment

Flowers, hearts, polka dots, stripes and palm trees are a staple at most nail salons. If you are a regular at the nail salon and have tried pretty much every variation from the menu, we’ve found something that is fresh, looks stunning and is in trend right now — butterfly nail art!

Those intricate butterfly wings with one or more colour is not something you can easily create at home. So, why not make the most of your next salon appointment and try a nail art design that’s anything but basic. Here are a few inspirations for you to pick from.


Pretty in nude

Stick ons

Image courtesy: @lovemynails_patrycjagarb 

Intricate blue butterflies on a nude base look simply stunning. If simple and sophisticated is your style, this nail art design is for you. It will flatter most nail shapes, but looks particularly stunning on square nails.


Colourful wings

Stick ons

Image courtesy: @nailbrew

The most beautiful feature of a butterfly is its wings; keeping that in mind, this nail art focuses only on drawing different types and colours of wings on each nail tip. The negative space on each nail just adds to the whole look.


Fluttery nails

Stick ons

Image courtesy: @emmaannechristie

The butterfly doesn’t have to be on one single nail; get creative and ask your manicurist to spread it across two nails as shown in the picture. It looks amazing in photos and will make your Insta feed look


Butterfly accents

Stick ons

Image courtesy: @lovebeautygatley

There are multiple ways to do the butterfly nail art design. You can go all out by drawing multiple tiny butterflies on each nail or keep it simple by opting for one each on both hands. Either ways, it looks beautiful if done right.


Stick ons

Stick ons

Image courtesy: @setnwithjsmn

If you prefer doing your manicure at home, here’s an easy way to add butterflies to your nails — with the help of stick ons! Create a beautiful background — use a bright or ombre shade — and simply stick one or more butterflies depending on the size of your nails.

Main image courtesy: @nailbrew

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