Can You Wear A Pimple Patch Under Makeup? We Investigate

Written by Sumona BoseApr 24, 2024
Can you wear a pimple patch under makeup? We investigate

I have had my share of struggles with adult acne all through my early 20s. The moment I stepped off of my college graduation stage and into work-life, my skin turned sad and angry. I’ve tried everything under the sun to keep breakouts at bay but to no avail.

So imagine my delight when transparent pimple patches hit the Indian market. I was first on the scene, ready to shell out my savings on these patches. While we know that they work like a charm, we don’t know how much you can rely on these on a day to day basis. For instance, can you wear makeup on top of these patches? Well, we did some diggin’ and here’s what we found…


Is it safe to wear pimple patches under makeup?

Why pimple patches under makeup can actually be a good thing

What exactly are acne patches? Acne patches are in no way a new and advanced invention. They are pretty much the mini version of hydrocolloid patches that you will find in any pharmacy. These patches are loaded with tea tree oil or benzoyl peroxide to fight bacteria. They work by sucking out excess oil and pus, giving great results once the mouth of the pimple has been exposed.

They create a puffy little gel layer around the pimple you picked at and seals it until it heals overnight. No bacteria from the outside can get to it, which makes them pretty safe to be worn under makeup. Your foundation won't interact with the patch in any way.


Why pimple patches under makeup can actually be a good thing

Why pimple patches under makeup can actually be a good thing

Now that we’ve established it is safe to wear acne patches under makeup, let’s talk about how realistic the idea is. First off, you don't have to slather on layers of concealer to hide the lousy pimple. Instead, you have a smooth surface of the patch to work with. People who are not familiar with the patch — like your boyfriend or clueless fellow shoppers at the grocery store — won't notice the difference. But your BFF, who is self-proclaimed beauty guru, will call you out on it right away.

It is safe to say that while you CAN wear acne patches under makeup, you really have to pick your moments to do it. For instance, it won't show up on a picture or a video, granted you have proper lighting. The patches also come in handy if you have the habit of picking at your pimple or wear makeup daily; it will isolate it to breathe and heal better.

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