Create The Perfect Soft Cat Eye Look With Invisible Eyeliner

Written by Anushka ShahMar 21, 2023
Create the Perfect Soft Cat Eye Look with Invisible Eyeliner

If you’ve struggled with the drama of winged liner, know you’re not the only one! Wonder why? Well, because the process is extremely precise and can be challenging to learn, despite the fact that the end result is frequently straightforward and subtle. To save you from this drama comes the incredible combo, who gives you that winged liner snatched look plus that flirty cat eye appeal, we’re talking about the invisible eyeliner  + soft cat eye TikTok fad! Yes, ladies it’s here to  save you if you want to avoid the difficulties associated with winged liner but yet want a cat-eye impression.  You can now have it ALL!  

The invisible winged liner trend began when one creator posted their method, which sparked a wave of recreations, as is the case with so many other viral beauty hacks. Via this published editorial makeup guide, the e-artist used concealer to draw an outline around her eyes rather than along the lash line. She applied concealer similarly to how you would apply eyeliner. Later, she buffed out the edges for a diffused effect - magical isn’t it! The result is a kind of an optical illusion liner got the internet dancing and of course, trying their hand out at a winged liner.  

Now, if you too are inclined towards the invisible winged liner and soft cat eye look, we’ve got the right tutorial in place, scroll down to collect all the unfailing tips and tricks.  

Tips on how to Create the Perfect Soft Cat Eye Look with Invisible Eyeliner  

Hop onto the winged eyeliner trend and prepare  yourself to bag all those compliments.   

Tip #1: Set the Base 


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Setting the base is the most crucial step to take before beginning any eye look unless you want to deal with wrinkles, greasy lids, and the breakdown of your makeup before lunch - such a terror, right? To do away with this  horror, apply a tiny layer of eyeshadow primer and let it lie on the skin for two to three minutes to ensure that your items stay in place all day. Once it has settled, use your fingers, a damp beauty blender, or a concealer brush to evenly blend the primer across the whole lid. 

And since eyeshadow primers are typically translucent or white, use concealer after to level out the skin tone. Looking for a fab concealer, we’re obsessed with the  Lakmé Absolute Mattreal Concealer  Wonder why? Well because it magically does away with pesky marks or any discoloration - all while leaving behind this matte and spotless finish. 

 You don't want any strange discoloration to stand out because your eye look will be modest. 

Tip #2: Erase the crease  

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If you’re an observant girlie, you’ll see that your cream-based primer and concealer have blended into the wrinkles of your eyelids after setting the base. Use a damp beauty blender or a dense eyeshadow brush to blend out the wrinkles until they are completely invisible because this will result in a poor canvas. Further, to prevent creases and ensure that the makeup remains in place all day, use a light setting powder after perfectly smoothing out the base. Once you’re done, move onto the next step. Don’t stop scrolling! 

Tip #3: Bronzer as eyeshadow 

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Although the colors are the IT moment, for this winged eyeliner look, you don't need to apply any crazy makeup colours or elaborate techniques because the "invisible eyeliner" look is all about subtlety - basically it falls in the clean girl makeup domain.  

So, get your hands on a small, fluffy brush to apply bronzer or blush to the corners of your eyes, the outer regions of the lid, and the entire upper eyelid. For more impact, grab a little brush and dip it into clear powder before blending out any hard lines from the bronzer or blush. A blush we’d recommend would be the: Lakmé Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duos. Giving you that beautiful sunset blend without much effort, this single- stroke blush is what you need to give to your nude makeup looks! However, don’t go overboard, the whole idea is to keep the look minimal, so start by applying a tiny amount and then apply more if needed.  

PS: If you want you could make this look yours by using some subtle colours - lavender for a Sunday brunch would be A1 and a tinge of black would be an unfailing eye makeup look for a night out. You choose and you do you, girl.  

Tip #4: Concealer as eyeliner  

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This is where the magic lies and it’s all about the right product and undeniably, technique! Instead of reaching for a liquid eyeliner, a pencil, or a darker eyeshadow to create a cat-eye flick after applying your eyeshadow, you should take up your concealer once more, put a small amount to the back of your hand, and then dip a small eyeliner brush or an angled brow brush into it. Like you would with a regular eyeliner, carefully scrape the excess product off and draw a line from the outside corner of the eye outward. 

Once the lower line is shaped, apply a small quantity of concealer to the upper lash line, working from the center of the eye outwards towards the end of the lower line until the two lines are parallel. This can be a bit tricky but with just a little steadiness you’re ready for the long winged eyeliner run! Plus, if you want to personalize this look there are loads of other eyeliner looks you can do - click here to check ‘em out!  

FAQs about Perfect Soft Cat Eye Look with Invisible Eyeliner  

Brushing up the answer to all your questions so you don’t have to wing it anymore. 

Q1  How do I ensure my eyeshadow stays on for long? 

To ensure your eyeshadow doesn’t budge and is glamming your lids for the longest, use an eyeshadow primer. This will not only seal the particles and ensure your blend looks perfect forever but will also create a smooth base for application - which means, no bumps and an easier route to that professional finish. 

Q2  What are the most important dos and don’ts of eyeshadow application? 

Firstly, do blend the darker shade of eyeshadow only till the crease line. Exceeding this boundary will create a messy shadow and hence, an unappealing finish. And with regards to the don'ts; don’t blend the darker shade above the crease and on your lower lash lines. This will ensure you benefit from a clean finish and professional-looking eye makeup!  

 Q3  Should I invest in an eyelash primer? 

If you have fine lashes, do opt for an eyelash primer! Coating your lashes (the mid-shaft to the ends) with it, will help you avoid clumps - an integral step for this invisible winged eyeliner look.   

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