Find Out What Your Nail Shape Says About You…

Written by Fatema HabibApr 24, 2024
Find out what your nail shape says about you…

Believe it or not, your nails are revealing your personality for you! Though nails are not the first thing you notice about a girl, unless they are super flashy, they do have the power to uncover certain personality traits.

If you are mad over manicures, you’re probably someone who has experimented with nail shapes and have a favourite too. Be it square, oval, almond or squoval, each of them uncover qualities that directly reflect your personality. Want to know what they are? Here it goes...


Simply squoval

Super short

This nail shape is a mix of a square tip on oval nails. The shape indicates ambitious and assertive behavior and is apt for someone who is not big on experimenting. Square-oval shaped nails are for all those who like to keep it stylish yet elegant.


Sexy stiletto

Super short

Inspired by stiletto heels, this shape is for all those who are daring and up for a good challenge. This bold nail style, where the nails are extra-long and pointed, is sure to get you all the attention. However, it’s important to know that the pointy tip of this nail shape is weak and prone to damage, thereby making it difficult to manage on a daily basis.


Trendy almond

Super short

Almond-shaped nails signify modern style, quality and someone who loves staying up-to-date with trends. For all those who want their nails and fingers to look feminine, this shape is just perfect. Remember to not go too long with almond-shaped nails as that can come across as tacky.


Stunning square

Super short

Square nails look best on long fingernails. Someone who is strong, bold and has leadership qualities is likely to sport this nail shape. Maintaining square shaped nails is time-consuming and takes effort, which means if you have square nails, you love flaunting and are a certified diva.


Super short

Super short

Short nails signify low-maintenance, simplicity and easy upkeep. This person might love to sport jeans and a t-shirt. They may paint their nails but not go all out to take their nail game to another level.

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