Find The Right Brow Shape For Your Face Cut

Written by Khubi Amin AhmedMay 30, 2024
Find the right brow shape for your face cut
A perfect eyebrow is every beauty lover’s dream come true. The perfect brow with a face-framing arch can add so much symmetry and structure to the face, it’s literally a beauty miracle!

To ace that perfect eyebrow however, you must make sure that the shape and the thickness of the brow are perfect for your face shape and face cut.

Let’s find out what brows work best for which face shape…

BB Beauty Tip: To achieve the brow shape that works best with your face shape and face cut, work around your natural eyebrow. Avoid using artificial treatments and opt for proper eye brow fillers to add definition to your brows.

We highly recommend that you opt for the Lakmé Absolute Precision Eye Artist Eyebrow Pencil as your go-to brow buddy. This eyebrow pencil comes with a sharp tip that will keep your strokes on point without making a mess. What’s more, it also lasts for up to six hours and gives you natural coverage without making your brow look flaky.

For round faces

For long faces

Thick, sharp and high arched brows work best for round faces.

High arched brows lift the face structure upwards and add length to the face vertically. This balances the roundness of your face cut and makes your face look angular, longer and sharper.

BB Pro Tip:
To maintain the arched shape, use a smudge proof and water proof eyebrow pencil. Start at the outer end of your brow and then run the eyebrow pencil through the rest of it. Make sure you keep the edges darker than the middle to create an arch with the pencil. This will create an illusion of a slimmer, longer face.


For square faces

For long faces

Thick eyebrows with a softer arch work well to tone down the angular aspect of a square face.

Square or rectangular faces tend to have a distinct jawline as their most defined feature. Kareena Kapoor Khan and her to-die-for jawline is a good example! While such defined jawlines are much coveted, they don’t work well with angular eyebrows.

BB Pro Tip:
Opt for softly arched brows and let them balance out the sharpness of your face cut. Make sure you don’t go for eyebrows that are too thin or thick as it can add harshness to your features. If you are blessed with a square face and have pointed brows, use an eyebrow pencil to tone down the arches.



For heart-shaped faces

For long faces

Low arched round brows work to soften the sharpness of chins on heart-shaped faces.

This face shape can easily be any makeup artiste’s delight as most eyebrow shapes work well with this face cut. However, to get the most flattering brow shape for a heart-shaped face go for a low arched round brow that will soften the sharpness of your chin and make your face look delicate instead.

BB Pro Tip:
To ace low arched, round brows that will soften your sharp features take a miniscule amount of eye shadow on an angular brush and start softening the edges with light strokes. We suggest you use the Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette for the best results. Remember to pick shades of brown for natural effect.


For diamond-shaped faces

For long faces

Eyebrows that are thick and rounded at the start and have a gentle angle at the end are perfect to soften the look of a diamond-shaped face.

For a face to have both wide and high cheekbone is a rare combination and thus there are few of those with diamond-shaped faces. If you are one of them, a regular high arched brow won’t work well with your face cut. Go instead for a balanced arch that is both round and angular at the edges.

BB Pro Tip:
Use an eyebrow pencil to give you roundish and angular edges towards the end. This will emphasise your strong facial features while also balancing the strong features and will make your face shape look more feminine.


For long faces

For long faces

For long faces you need eyebrows that extend a little beyond the corner of the eyes.

If you have a face cut like that of Katrina Kaif’s ie: a long face, you must opt for long eyebrows. Eyebrows that extend beyond the corner of your eyes play up your horizontal features and make your face rounder and softer.

BB Pro Tip:
To ace a natural long eyebrow that also has hair-like strokes, pick an eyebrow pencil that comes with a fine tip to do the job–we trust the Lakmé Absolute Precision Eye Artist Eyebrow Pencil that helps draw hair-like strokes with ease and looks as natural as can be.

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