Forget Polka, Single Dot Nail Art Is The Latest Trend We Are Obsessing Over!

Written by Sanya HamdaniMay 15, 2024
Forget polka, single dot nail art is the latest trend we are obsessing over!

It’s amazing how nail art fanatics come up with elaborate and OTT nail trends for such a small canvas. And you may be a fan of these embellished, bright nails, but minimalist nail art has proved the less is more theory time and again.  

The latest minimalist nail trend to have swept over social media is none other than single dot nail art. It’s simple, sophisticated, stylish and we are totally in love with it. We can’t stop obsessing over the fact that a single dot can take your nails from blah to a masterpiece so easily. Still perfecting those polka dots using toothpicks? Forget it and embrace single dot nail art RN! Here are some ideas to get you started.

Pretty in nude dots

The half-moon dots

The best way to make your nail art look delicate and beautiful is by adding negative space to it. This half-moon nail art with tiny silver dots is what minimalist nail art goals are made of! The bright red reminds us of the upcoming festive season.

Pretty in nude dots

Multi-coloured dots

If you are the kind of person who likes to play matchy-matchy with outfits and nail colours, this multi-coloured single dot nail art is perfect for you. Choose two contrasting colours and highlight your accent finger nail to get this look right. Don’t go beyond two shades.

Pretty in nude dots

Metallic dots

Love metallic nail colours? We have something in store for you as well. Paint your nails in a dark hued metallic shade and place big dots of white or nude nail polish on it. You don’t have to be consistent with the dots.

Pretty in nude dots

Jumbo dots

Kinda wanna try this trend but also want your nails to draw attention? Go with jumbo dots. Again, use two contrasting shades of nail polish to make sure your nail art really stands out. You can use a pencil head to ace this one.

Pretty in nude dots

Pretty in nude dots

We saved this one for those who love all things nude – lip shades, nail colours, heels and more. The micro black dots on nude nails and a lone stripe will take your minimalist mani to the next level.

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