Inner Corner Highlighting Inspo For Eye Makeup Lovers

Written by Sanya HamdaniMay 21, 2024
Inner corner highlighting inspo for eye makeup lovers

Eye makeup is our absolute favourite; there’s so much that you can do on such a small area of your face. All the precision, detailing and colours can make or break a look. Just when you think there’s nothing new to add or experiment with on this tiny canvas, a new trend pops up.

The latest addition to eye makeup trends is inner corner highlighting. The look is usually done with minimal or no eye makeup and is quite easy to achieve. Although simple, it looks stunning on every eye shape and there are so many different ways to wear it. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Festive gold

Extended inner corner highlight

If you are a makeup junkie, you may have noticed the golden inner corner highlight all over social media. It is the easiest to achieve and perfect for wedding season. Plus, it brightens your eyes, making you look more awake.


Summer yellow

Extended inner corner highlight

Nothing makes your eye look pop better than a hint of bright yellow. If you don’t have a yellow eyeshadow in your makeup kit, we suggest you get one right away ‘cause girl it’s going to change your eye makeup game forever.


White awake

Extended inner corner highlight

We all know a little white or nude eyeliner pencil can instantly make your eyes look bright and awake. Extend this to the inner corner of your eyes and blend it out for a more dramatic effect. You can also use a silver eyeshadow instead of a white eyeliner.



Backward purple wing

Extended inner corner highlight

You’ve tried the cat eye, you’ve seen the reversed cat eye, now it’s time to meet the backward purple wing. Draw a small wing in the inner corner of your eyes using a bright and visible shade such as the Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate The Gelato Collection - 02 Blackcurrant and keep the rest of your eye makeup minimal or skip it entirely.


Extended inner corner highlight

Extended inner corner highlight

Once you embrace this trend, you might want to take it a notch higher. Do that with this extended inner corner highlight look. Take a bold eyeshadow shade and start from the inner corner of your eyes going upwards and outwards on your upper eyelid. Bold and beautiful, we love!

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