Purple Corrector: Let Us Introduce You To Your New Magic Wand

Written by Sanya HamdaniMay 14, 2024
Purple corrector: Let us introduce you to your new magic wand

Colour correctors have been around for a while now. Among all the shades available, the orange corrector seems to have a huge fan following. If you screamed ‘hell yeah’ at that… well, we’re about to change your opinion.

Turns out, a purple colour corrector, when used right, can work wonders for your makeup game. Yes, really. To find out how you can up your makeup game using a purple colour corrector, keep reading…


What is purple colour corrector used for?

How to use a purple colour corrector?

Just like concealers, colour correctors are used to hide skin imperfections ranging from dark circles and discolouration to dark spots and redness. Each colour corrector is designed to deal with a particular skin problem. If it’s redness or birthmarks that you are trying to conceal then a green colour corrector would be ideal. However, a purple colour corrector can be called an all-rounder, as it is used to brighten dull and sallow skin, even out skin discolouration and hide other minor imperfections. If you do not have any major skin problem, a purple colour corrector is all you need to brighten up your skin tone.


How to use a purple colour corrector?

How to use a purple colour corrector?

Step 01: After completing your CTM routine, apply a primer all over face to create an even base

Step 02: Using a clean brush, apply the purple colour corrector on areas of your face that look darker than the rest of your skin tone

Step 03: Blend the corrector using a brush or makeup sponge

Step 04: Now, use your regular concealer on top of this and blend that too. Remember to use patting motions as to not wipe away the corrector

Step 05: Put on some foundation and blend well to even out your skin tone

Step 06: Finish off with some setting powder.

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