Reminiscing Raveena Tandon’s Iconic Beauty Looks From The 90’S

Written by Urvi DalalMay 27, 2024
Reminiscing Raveena Tandon’s iconic beauty looks from the 90’s

Raveena Tandon recently won the Femina Beauty Award 2019 for Ageless Beauty and we couldn’t agree more! She is one actress who was always at the top of her beauty game and it has not faltered till date.

Here’s going down memory lane and looking back at some of the iconic makeup looks Raveena Tandon sported and aced with panache back in the 90’s. And yet, these are still relevant today for the timeless beauty lessons they hold.


Brushed out brows

Fluttery lashes

Raveena Tandon was seen sporting this recent runway obsession back in her day. She looks extremely gorgeous and carries the look with a lot of élan.


Metallic lips

Fluttery lashes

We love how Raveena looks drop dead gorgeous sporting metallic lips here. It makes her lips look plumper and the addition of the lip liner makes them look perfectly defined.


White liner

Fluttery lashes

White liner is that one beauty trend that instantly makes your eyes look bigger and Raveena Tandon has used it so beautifully. She has also added a shimmery eyeshadow in the inner corner of her eye to give her a bright-eyed look.



Purple eyeshadow

Fluttery lashes

This is a current spring/summer trend that Raveena sported back in her day. The purple eyeshadow is gives a lot of depth to her eyes, and the pop of colour makes her look super glamourous. We love!


Contoured cheeks

Fluttery lashes

Raveena Tandon’s contouring game has always been on point, and this is evident from all her movies. She always sports chiselled cheeks and a defined jaw line.


Fluttery lashes

Fluttery lashes

We love that Raveena Tandon’s lashes look so full and fluttery! Using oodles of mascara, she gives a falsies-like impression that we can’t help but go gaga over!

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