Simple Nail Art Ideas That Require Zero Manicure Skills

Written by Urvi DalalMay 23, 2024
Simple nail art ideas that require zero manicure skills

Who doesn’t love the idea of freshly done nails? Throw in some cute nail art design, and you’ve got yourself a gram-worthy manicure.

But what’s a girl with zero art or manicure skills to do? Try some effortless nail art designs that require zero skills, that’s what. We’ve rounded up some nail art designs that are so simple that even the biggest manicure noob will be able to recreate them with ease. Take a look…


Confetti stars

Dotted lines - Nail art design

Looking for a design that is equal parts cute and equal parts chic? Here is the perfect one for you! This no-fuss nail art design requires just three things - a nail polish colour of your choice, a top coat and some cute star nail stickers. Paint your nails in a base colour of your choice and allow it to dry. Next, stick the stickers onto the nails. Finally, seal it all in with a layer of topcoat. Awesome, no?


Glitz and glamour

Dotted lines - Nail art design

This is perhaps the easiest nail art idea out there. Paint your nails in a base colour of your choice and allow it to dry completely before moving onto the next step. Apply a glitter nail polish on your finger (or any finger) to give your manicure an added oomph. You can also go a step further and paint all the tips of your nails with glitter.


Dotted lines

Dotted lines - Nail art design

This manicure is super easy to recreate and looks super chic. Start by painting your nails in any colour that you like (a darker polish will look better). Then, dip a bobby pin in any light coloured nail polish and dot in on your tips. You can create dotted vertical lines or any design that you fancy.

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