The bigger, the brighter, the better - while this was the eyeshadow mantra ever since beauty mavens embraced the eyelid shine and shimmer into their lives, 2023 brings along a sharp turn by spotlight the quirky and minimal eye makeup. And while that doesn’t mean, the bold eyedos have taken a back seat, it does mean there is space for lots of eye art! Infiltrating all our IG feeds, OTT shows to fashion weeks, 2023 brings to us too much to catch up on. So, divas prepare to update your makeup knowledge before you pick the brush for we’re here to tell you about how to use eyeshadow in the classic way - cut crease eye makeup!  

Use Eyeshadow for Captivating Looks - The Basics 

cut crease eye makeup

It’s no secret that the OG cut crease eye makeup that seems like an ordeal to create can literally enhance your look, even when you’re feeling a bit meh. Imagine this, you’re heading for a traditional event and want to do away with the itch and trouble or dollying up in sequences and pins…so, you go in for something easy and breezy and inject the oomph-factor with your quick cut crease skills! What’s better? I mean, you get both, beauty and comfort. And drumroll for the beauty bits of it…ladies, here is everything about how to use eyeshadow to create the unfailing eyeshadow magic!  

So, without much wait let’s plunge into the world of cut crease eye makeup! Step-by-step, hold tight! 

Step-by-step Guide to Full Cut Crease Eye Makeup Look: The Basics  

First things first, cut crease is a technique that defines the crease of your eye using a contrasting eyeshadow colour with almost zero blending. It clearly differentiates between the brow bone and the eyelid as well as gives your eyes a lot of depth and definition. Considered as one of the most dramatic eye makeup looks, the cut crease eye makeup may not be for everyone. But in the end, you will see how defined and large your eyes end up looking - psst, that’s also if you do it well. And we’re here to help you with that!  

Step #1: Primer Power 

cut crease eye makeup

The girls that know, know - eyeshadow isn’t no easy feat and requires you to go the extra mile, which also includes unleashing all that primer power! This means, you can’t plunge into the punch of powder and need to use a primer to get your lids ready. Now you may wonder why, well a) because it creates an even base for all makeup application and ensure the makeup clings to all parts of your skin equally and b) because it stays on for long - which means, even when you’re dancing your heart out - your eyeshadow ain’t gonna move, all thanks to the power of primer. And if you’re thinking of getting your hands on any specific bottle, let’s tell the one we’re gaga over - the  Lakmé Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer. Ensuring that perfect finish for all your beauty efforts, this is the one you got to get your hands on. 

Step #2: Brownie point  

cut crease eye makeup

Next in the queue is where the powdery magic crops up! You got to get yourself a pigmented brown eyeshadow for that stunning cut crease eye makeup. Start by applying it all over your lid and closer to the brow bone to create that #olala transition. And note: for a transition shade, always use something slightly darker than your skin tone as it helps the eyeshadow colours look more blended and natural. Looking for a palette? Well, your search can end with the best in the biz -  the Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette – French Rose -  all about chic soft girl aesthetic. This cut crease eye makeup palette will allow you to create those dreamy sunset eyes or that evergreen Lana Del Rey faded look. Home to 12 stunning eyeshadows that are a mix of intense matte and beautiful shimmer - we’re big fans.   

Step #3: Concealer corner 

cut crease eye makeup

Next step on the radar is one only known to the pros and enthusiasts. You have to begin by applying  a concealer. And the one we vouch for is the Lakmé Absolute White Intense Liquid Concealer - gliding on your skin like a dream, baby this baby across the lid to help clean the edges and the clear definition of your cut crease eye makeup! To make application a bit more precise, we recommend that you use an angled brush only as it will draw this definition a lot easier. And how do you make it come to life? Well, take a little bit of the concealer on the angled brush and apply it in an outward motion towards the tail of the eyebrow. And viola, you’re done with the artsy groove already.  

Step #4: Pop of peach 

cut crease eye makeup

You do hue girl! And this time, it is time to apply the beautiful peach color from the same and favourite - the  Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette – French Rose . This dreamy colour will act as a base pigment to lay over the concealer on your eyes. Also, this is the dramatic edge of your cut crease eye makeup - spread out like a majestic carpet for you! And just with these easy steps, you’re literally done the colorful bit of eye makeup. 

Step #5: Eyeliner angle 

cut crease eye makeup

To finish the stunning makeup look, simply line your eyes using the  

Lakmé Eyeconic Volume Mascara. Create a slight wing to give it that edge. Apply two coats of your favourite mascara and you’re done! Your cut crease eye makeup look  is ready. 

FAQs about Full Cut Crease Eye Makeup Look   

Hey there cut crease eye makeup experts, we’re answering the cutting-edge Qs for you!

Q1  What are the most important dos and don’ts of eyeshadow application? 

Firstly, do blend the darker shade of eyeshadow only till the crease line. Exceeding this boundary will create a messy shadow and hence, an unappealing finish. And with regards to the don'ts; don’t blend the darker shade above the crease and on your lower lash lines. This will ensure you benefit from a clean finish and professional-looking eye makeup. 

Q2 What’s a simple way to enhance eye makeup? 

Although this totally depends on your eye shape, adding a dab of light shiny eyeshadow  on the inner corner of your eyes will make them look charming and bigger. So, spread the sparkle and get the festive season ready. 

Q3  What’s the easiest to use liquid eyeshadow or powder? 

The easiest to use of all makeup eyeshadow products is powder eyeshadow. It is super blendable and highly pigmented. Classified into loose powder and pressed powder, such eyeshadows are the ideal pick, especially if you’re aiming at a look with multiple layers.