2020 has almost come to an end, and while you’re still busy figuring out what to do for NYE, we have started prepping for 2021… beauty-wise at least. To save you the hassle of deciding the most trendy makeup looks to flaunt in the new year, we went ahead and narrowed down the top five makeup trends that will be huge in 2021. Some are relatively new while others are rolling over from this year because we’re still not done with them yet. Here are our predictions for trends that will dictate your makeup looks in 2021...


1. 80’s eyeshadow

80’s eyeshadow

Image courtesy: @sheridanwardhair

Makeup trends in 2020 were all about bringing back the 90s. But come 2021, and beauty buff will be throwing it further back to the 80s. When being the cool girl was all about wearing colourful, metallic eyeshadows! We are talking yellows, greens, violets, purples and even the risky ones like tangy oranges. This works out in more ways than one because we will still be wearing masks at least in the first half of the year, so dramatic eyes will reign supreme even then.


2. At-home blush glow

At-home blush glow

Image courtesy: @selenagomez

2020 was also the year when the adorable Selena Gomez dove headfirst into the beauty world - launching her own brand giving everybody a peek into her beauty routines. Turns out what she loves is the subtly blushed cheek and lids, with the touch of gloss and beautiful fresh skin. Since we will be working from home for a while longer (!!), at-home minimal blushed looks will be seen more often. After all, we had a year to work on our skin, and it is starting to look super nice… finally!


3. Fierce brows

Fierce brows

Image courtesy: @jlo

JLo knew what to do with her hair and makeup in 2020, and we looked to her for guidance every single time. A particular detail that we believe will carry on next year are totally fierce brows — plucked, filled and shaped to absolute perfection. We cannot think of a more worthy brow trend to replace the more casual feathered look that was everywhere in 2020.


4. Graphic eyes

Graphic eyes

Image courtesy: @krisann.figueiredo.mua

Graphic eyes were everywhere this year, and they are about to transition to the next year as well. We are not nearly done with creating stunning shapes like this. Plus, all that effort you put in to learn how to do a graphic eye should not go to waste.


5. All over luminosity

All over luminosity

Image courtesy: @asianglam

Stock up on glow-boosting staples like highlighters and illuminating primers, like this. one from Lakme. All over glowy complexions might look easy, but can be tricky to create. You have to know where exactly to place the shimmer so that it highlights your best and doesn’t accentuate the imperfections. Start practising from today and you will know your way by the time Jan 2021 rolls around.

Main image courtesy: @shreejarajgopal, @selenagomez