2022’S All About Pearl-Encrusted Makeup

Written by Urvi ShahJul 15, 2022
2022’s all about pearl-encrusted makeup

It’s not even been a month since we started the new year, and we’ve already saved TikTok hacks to experiment with in the future. From contouring our faces with a strategically-placed dot on the cheeks to replacing our heavy makeup formulas with ultra-hydrating skincare products for a seamless base, we’re witnessing a series of trends infiltrate our feeds. And, *shocker*, there’s another trend that’s doing the rounds on the internet, and this one’s fancy.


01. This year’s all about…

A bedazzled hair look

Image Courtesy: @popsugar

It’s all about bedecking the face with luminescent accents. And, no, we’re not referring to liquid formulas anymore. We’re talking bigger—literal pearls gracing the lids, lips, and hair. Remember how stunning Storm Reid looked at the Met Gala 2021 with a few resplendent pearls framing her eyes? Pearls have claimed a spot in the 2022 makeup landscape, and we’re here for it. Here are a few pearl-encrusted looks you must bookmark RN!


02. An eyeshadow-framing look

A bedazzled hair look

Image Courtesy: @ilmakiage

We love how the rhinestones in this look frame the cut-crease without crowding the eyes too much. The placement of the pearls is strategic, and they flatter the dramatic wing effortlessly. Don’t forget to add touches to the bottom of the eyes to conclude the look.


03. An exceedingly minimalistic look

A bedazzled hair look

Image Courtesy: @mgoldsmith972

If you love this trend but aren’t ready to go all-in, you can create a winged-out look by dotting a few pearls on the lids instead of retrieving your go-to liquid eyeliner. To play into the oomph factor, you can pepper a few pearls around the eyebrows as well.


04. A star-studded look

A bedazzled hair look

Image Courtesy: @rowisingh

We love how Rowi has chosen to place different-sized pearls between her eyes to bring her look together. Instead of playing up your lids, this is another variation of the look you can experiment with.


05. A bedazzled hair look

A bedazzled hair look

Image Courtesy: @stellatumakeup

Why limit your pearly fantasies to your face? Frame your strands with a few pearls. It adds to the softness of the look.

Image Courtesy: @stellatumakeup

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