Abstract Nail Art Designs To Elevate Your Summer Manicure Game

Written by Sumona BoseNov 30, 2023
Abstract nail art designs to elevate your summer manicure game

We love abstract nail designs! They don’t follow any rules and set lines, which gives you a lot of freedom to showcase your creativity. No matter your skillset, you can create a basic yet chic nail design or come up with your own unique one for a dressier occasion. The best part is that you never go wrong with this nail art design; a messy line here or there will only add to the aesthetic, no kidding. So whether you’re a fan of sleek details or bold, OTT ones — we’ve rounded up the best abstract nail art ideas for all kinds of nail art lovers this summer. Scroll down to take your pick…


01. Neon shapes

Minimal and chic

Image courtesy: @charlotteemilybeauty_

This is such a simple way to do abstract nails. Just pick easy shapes that you are comfortable creating and mix and match them in neon colours — it’s that simple. We love the chic and crafty vibe of this design. It is such a cool manicure look to wear with your casual outfits.

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02. Metallic accents

Minimal and chic

Image courtesy: @verbenaparlor

If you need a dressier abstract nail design, this is a good approach to take: mix textures, shades and shimmer in a single design to add more dimension. Top your manicure with specks and glitter to make your abstract nail art pop for a special occasion.

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03. Slender swirls

Minimal and chic

Image courtesy: @livvy_lyman_nails

Swirls are so trendy right now! You can create thin swirls to mimic leaves and twigs, making it the perfect nail art design for summer. You can also use chirpy colours like yellow and orange to mimic the summer sun or yummy popsicles — the options are endless.

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04. Bolder swirls

Minimal and chic

Image courtesy: @eekabeauty

If slender shapes are not your jam, you can go for bolder and thicker swirls in a statement colour like cherry red! The speckled shape looks so stunning over natural and freshly cleaned nails—a fiery look for the smouldering hot summer fun that lays ahead.

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05. Minimal and chic

Minimal and chic

Image courtesy; @iramshelton

Love minimal designs? You’ll love this too. Apply clear nail paint on freshly buffed nails. Top up with minimal black abstract shapes and stick some metallic speckles in the black space, and you’re done. So simple, yet so chic!

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Main image courtesy: @nail.art.by.tea


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