No holiday has a better colour theme and aesthetic than Easter Sunday and you can’t fight us on that! The spring holiday is celebrated at the start of the beautiful season of floral blooms and brings a sunny day, giving it the perfect theme for decor and fashion. And even though we are in the middle of a pandemic, a cosy and intimate Easter holiday with the fam is not a farfetched idea. But, how do you make it extra special? By nailing your style game from head to toe of course! While we are leaving the outfit and shoes to you, there is something we can help you out with — Easter-themed nail art. Yep, we have some ideas that will upgrade your style and give you yet another manicure post for your social feed. Check out the adorable designs below...


01. Chubby bunnies

Chubby bunnies

Image courtesy: @jandonails

It wouldn’t be Easter with a bunny reference in your manicure design! We love this simple yet uber-chic baby pink and while bunny nail art. The cute lash detail on the bunny’s face was enough to make us fall head over heels for this look!


02. Speckled chocolate eggs

Speckled chocolate eggs

Image courtesy: @sophies_nails20

Speckled chocolate eggs are a classic Easter aesthetic and we love how it has been incorporated into this half manicure style. It is super easy to recreate by yourself as well; just start with buffing your nails and applying a matte nude base. Stick a tape to separate your nails into two sections, paint one half in bright matte shades and flick some black polish with the help of a toothbrush over it. Remove the tape once the polish has dried off and ta-da!


Spring song

Spring song

Image courtesy: @snatchedbylulubelles

Easter falls at the start of the Spring season and what better way to celebrate that than with pretty floral nail art. We love the dainty daisies paired with vertical lines — it almost looks like artwork come to life.


04. Pastel palette

Pastel palette

Image courtesy: @nailedit.rexburg

If you are looking for something quick and easy to do for the holiday, this manicure idea should be right up your alley. Different fingers painted in cute pastel shades will save you time on creating an elaborate design yet match the theme of the day perfectly!


05. Sugar rush

Sugar rush

Image courtesy: @lexie1225

All the desserts and candies promised on this holiday is enough to get you excited about it. If you have a sweet tooth and wish to turn up to the brunch with your mind set on hogging sweets, this nail art will be the perfect ice breaker for that. After all, you will get complimented on this OTT design all day, so might as well have the reference candy on you!

Main image courtesy: @snatchedbylulubelles