When it comes to celebrating the onset of monsoon with seasonal and themed nail art, we like to take the versatile route. While painting on cute umbrellas, fluffy clouds, and dainty water droplets make for really adorable manicures, our vibe this season is shifting towards more aesthetic designs. And it seems like nail enthusiasts agree with us because monsoon 2021 is all about getting an aqua-themed manicure to match the change in scenery. Think all things oceanic — the colours, the waves, the marble-like appearance the ocean takes on a rare sunny day and, of course, marine life. We approve aqua nails as the go-to manicure trend for the rainy season. Here are a few trendy ways to do it...


01. Pastel swirls

Pastel swirls

Image courtesy: @nails.by.roshi

If you are spotting acrylics or a longer natural nail length right now, a few adjacent pastel swirls will give it the right monsoon feels. Start by buffing the base and creating a blush base with the Lakmé Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Color - Marshmallow. Pick two complementary shades of aqua blue and one matte white polish to recreate the swirls and starry patterns you see above.


02. Baby blues

Baby blues

Image courtesy: @amberjhnails

Sometimes, a plain colour set is all we need to turn boring looking nails into a fabulous manicure, especially when you have an attractive shade of baby blue to cover your nails! Suitable for both long and medium-length nails, use the Lakmé 9 to 5 Primer + Gloss Nail Color - Blue Scape to recreate this attractive and chic manicure.


03. Aquamarine tips

Aquamarine tips

Image courtesy: @ellielouisenails

Upgrade your French manicure with aquamarine coloured tips to satisfy your need for a minimal nail design. To make the manicure stand out from regular French tips, opt for a tapered colour fill on the sides to frame your nail better. Add the subtle detail of a slim mate white border on the tip to bring out the blue!


04. Diagonal beauts

Diagonal beauts

Image courtesy: @pinkysnailsandbeauty

Aqua nails don't always have to be soft and flowy - you can incorporate diagonal deets in them as well. We love the white negative spacing detail in this manicure design; combined with the oceanic green, this nail art mimics the look of the seabed, and we are here for it!


05. Ocean deep

Ocean deep

Image courtesy: @magicalmanicuresbymarlena

Time to reach for all of your shimmery blue nail lacquers with this one! An eclectic collection of patterns, we have glittery top nails combined with fish-scale pattern and a glossy finger in-between to ease the look of it all. Use the Lakmé Color Crush Nail Art - M6 to recreate this design inspired by oceanic elements.

Main image courtesy: @eekabeauty