New Year’s Eve is around the corner, which means it’s time to make the most important decision — house party or club hopping? While we’re sure you’ve got your ready-to-dive-into-2022 outfit sorted, have you considered tweaking your skincare routine to look your absolute best? No? Don’t panic; we’ve got you covered. It's not a shocker that we've assembled a list of tips to incorporate into your routine just before you head out for the night. And trust us, they're pretty easy to work with.


1. Try out the wet skincare hack

Try out the wet skincare hack

Image Courtesy: @glamwithdarcey

For a lit-from-within glow, apply your skincare products on damp skin. This hack enables your skin to trap more moisture due to improved absorption of all formulas. It also makes your skin plump and lends a radiant glow to your face almost instantly.


2. Play up your lips with a bold colour

Play up your lips with a bold colour

Image Courtesy: @meganfox

Instead of sticking to your go-to nude lipstick, try painting your lips a different colour. We're talking bold shades like reds, plums, and purples. A highly-pigmented colour headlines your look and gives you a mini makeover without much effort.


3. Stick to your usual foundation

Stick to your usual foundation

Image Courtesy: @dojacat

A lot of us attempt to play up our looks every now and then. Introducing a new formula out of the blue, though, isn't the best idea because we cannot quite predict the end result. You can’t really tell if that new high-coverage matte formula will flatter your skin or dry it out. So, to avoid any makeup faux pas, stick to your favourite foundation for NYE.


4. Invest in a primer for the eyes

Invest in a primer for the eyes

Image Courtesy: @camila_cabello

A primer for the eyes doesn't just extend the longevity of your makeup but also dramatises the pigmentation of your eyeshadow for a vibrant finish. Just dot a little bit of the formula on your lids, and blend.


5. Experiment with a colourful highlighter

Experiment with a colourful highlighter

Image Courtesy: @makeupbymcruz

If your standard highlighter wields so much power, think about the potential of a deliciously-hued formula. A strobe of purple, pink, or blue across the apples of your cheeks. We're sold. However, keep your skin tone in mind when picking the colours. Here’s how to pick the right highlighter for your skin tone.

Image Courtesy: @sodaonmylips