5 Coolest Nail Art Ideas To Try Rn

Written by Anyuktha NallaniNov 30, 2023
 5 coolest nail art ideas to try RN

New year, new resolutions, new trends. Whether it's a twist to a classic French nail or a completely futuristic concept like the 3D nails, we got all the new year nail inspo you need to kick start 2022 on a high note. Let’s dive in!


01. A little fun here, a little chic there

Matte & black meet again

Image courtesy: @unistella_kr

This nail art screams fun, bold and whimsical! From the 3D cushioned yellow smile to the 3D metallic snake, everything about this nail art is fresh and smashing! And of course, we cannot get enough of the wobbly checkered pattern, can we?


02. High fashioned minimalism

Matte & black meet again

Image courtesy: @nailitmedia

If you’re looking for a more understated shimmer look that looks high fashion AF, this is the nail art to go for. The curved black edges with a shimmering outline are finished off with white nail paint made to look like glitter, this nail look is GIVING! And did we mention, versatile?


03. 3D nails are the new normal

Matte & black meet again

Image courtesy: @dualipa

Seems like 2022 is the year for 3D nails and it’s so dope that even Dua Lipa is a fan! The metallic silver base with 3D globular shapes in metallic green and purple duo chrome is just the futuristic chic vibes we need.


04. Half filled Frenchie

Matte & black meet again

Image courtesy: @nailitmedia

There’s something about this nail art that gives an instant fairycore vibe. The half-filled Frenchie seems to be the next big thing for our minimalistic persona adding just the right amount of jazz to not look overpowering. And how cute is the little daisy on the side UwU!


05. Matte & black meet again

Matte & black meet again

Image courtesy: @canvas__nails

The matt nude base with an angled black paint finished off with the most intricate looking black butterfly is all the dark fairytale vibes we need. It looks so classy and understated with so much attention to detail. BRB booking a nail appointment to get this done RN.

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