New Year means new beauty trends. In 2021 we are adding a lot of colours to our makeup looks with the dual-toned eye makeup trend. Instead of applying one shade all over your lids, the idea is to use two contrasting or similar-looking shades to create a fresh and colourful look. It attracts attention, transforms your look and steps up your beauty game.

There are several different ways to achieve the dual-toned eye makeup look, and you don’t even need to be a pro to get it right. Want to try the trend for yourself? Here are five looks you can take inspiration from.


01. Neon dual-toned eye look

Neon dual-toned eye look

Image courtesy: @berenizebaretto

If you love bold and experimental makeup looks, here’s an easy way to create a statement eye makeup look using neon shades. Pick a bright orange and pink shade and apply on each eyelid, you may have to apply 2-3 layers to make the colour pop on your lids.

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02. Half and half look

Half and half look

Image courtesy: @eve_makeupp

There are so many different ways to sport the dual-toned eyeshadow look. Instead of swiping two different colours on each lid, you can try this half and half technique. Make sure to use two contrasting shades to make the colours stand out.

BB picks: Lakme Absolute Spotlight Eye Shadow Palette - Stilettos


03. Subtle pastel eye look

Subtle pastel eye look

Image courtesy: @joshuajordan1

Pastel shades are still very much in vogue. Those who prefer subtle yet experimental makeup looks can try this gorgeous baby pink and sky blue eye look. To create this dual-toned eye makeup look, blend the pink shade from the inner corner of the eyes to the centre of the lid. Then, blend the other shade from the centre to the outer corner of the eye and extend it up a little, all the way to your brows.

BB picks: Lakme Absolute Infinity Eye Shadow Palette - Pink Paradise


04. Mismatched eye look

Mismatched eye look

Image courtesy: @kendallsaundersbeauty

Pick two of your favourite shades from the eyeshadow palette and create a mismatched eye look. Add more drama to your two-toned eye makeup by applying the shade from your left top eyelid to your right bottom lid. This will make you stand out from the crowd and garner a lot of compliments.

BB picks: Lakme Absolute Infinity Eye Shadow Palette - Coral Sunset


05. Two-toned glossy eyelids

Two-toned glossy eyelids

Image courtesy: @stellarro

Glossy eyelids are trending hard RN. Combine the two trends to create a gorgeous eye makeup look. Don’t worry if you don’t have glossy eyeshadow products, simply dab a little petroleum jelly on your eyeshadow to get this look.

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Main image courtesy: @sirlaurenceoblivier