If you’ve just started experimenting with eye makeup looks, there are a few tips you must keep in mind as a beginner. And, no, they’re not complicated at all - who could’ve imagined that a mere daub of highlighter around the inner-corners of the eyes, and a flick of white along the rims elevates an entire look? Here are five hacks to incorporate into your looks now!


1. A flick of white

A flick of white

Image Courtesy: @beatbyfari

We love how sultry a streak of black along the lower waterline looks, but it’s time to deviate from the familiar, and place a dash of white against the rims of our eyes. And just how gorgeous does this pop of colour look - along with brightening our eyes, white eyeliner makes you look a little more awake, and plays into the illusion of bigger eyes. Even a nude eyeliner works just as well.


2. Curly lashes

Curly lashes

Before coating your eyes with mascara, retrieve that eyelash curler, and curl your lashes to lift the eyes, and open them up - curl them once for about ten seconds. Ensure you’re doing this before you apply your mascara - or you’ll end up pulling on your lashes. You can try heating the curler a little to lock the curl - just hold a blow-dryer close to the tool for a few seconds.


3. Triangle-shaped concealing

Triangle-shaped concealing

Don’t smear a dollop of concealer under the eyes - this just highlights the puffiness of your eye-bags. You must draw an upside-down triangle under your eyes, and blend it in with your ring finger - this finger of yours is the weakest, and applies just the right amount of pressure for blending. This technique brightens up the face, and reduces signs of discolouration.


4. Clump-free mascara

Clump-free mascara

After you’ve curled your lashes, lend a little volume to them with a mascara. Wiggle the wand through the roots, and pull it straight through to the tips of the lashes - wiggling adds to the fullness of the look.. Don’t zigzag at all. And apply the product in phases. Wait for about ten seconds before a second coat - and so on. The Lakmé Eyeconic Curling Mascara is our go-to for clump-free curly lashes.


5. Well-blended eyeshadow

Well-blended eyeshadow

As a general rule of thumb, shadow the outer corners of your eyes with a darker shade, and proceed to brush the insides with a lighter colour. Darker colours close-off a space, and lighter ones open it up - this creates an illusion of bigger, elongated eyes.