The season is slowly transitioning and with it come hints of fresh beauty trends that show the potential of being huge this fall. Combined with digital runaways shows we saw this season and the trends popular among beauty influencers, we have compiled makeup and hair looks that are anticipated to be everywhere come fall. So, what’s going to be popular this fall, you ask? OTT and bold looks that will take more than a couple of minutes and a steady hand to pull off.

But trust us when we say that the extra effort you put in will be worth it — after all, we all deserve to spoil ourselves after spending months holed up inside due to the lockdown! Check out the list below...


01. Color blocking with pink

Color blocking with pink

Image courtesy: @santoshishetty

Pink will always be in vogue — from creating dramatic eye looks to draping blush techniques and subtly painted pouts — this is one colour that flatters most skin tones, if you ask us. The twist on this trend is to colour block it — whether you are blending it with orange or clashing it with white. Especially with eye makeup, where your blending skills will come in most handy!


02. Gems


Image courtesy: @jai.liner

Changing the concept of being ‘blinged out’, millennials and Gen Z are replacing actual jewellery with embellishments that go on their face. Diamantes, gems, rhinestones and a whole bunch of other face adornments are taking centre stage. And not just for the 'gram, but to wear in day-to-day life as well. TBH, we can all use some extra sparkles in our lives in 2020!


03. Giant hair accessories

Giant hair accessories

Image courtesy: @leletny

Much like makeup, hair looks have refused to go minimal this fall. Giant hair accessories like silk scrunchies, sheer ribbons, claw clips and even studded hairpins are the statement accessory for the season. Expect to see a lot of accessorized updos in the upcoming months!


04. Accented ponytails

Accented ponytails

Think bubble ponytails, tiny ribbons, multicoloured extensions or even a couple of baby braids snuck in — the accented ponytail is the new kid on the block that everyone’s talking about. Upgrading the everyday updo hairstyle and adding eye-catching accents to ponytails — high or low — is exactly what we meant when we said things will get bold this season.


05. Glitter explosion

Glitter explosion

An explosion of glitter dashed around the eye area like there is no tomorrow is yet another bold look for the fall. You can blame Euphoria for the popularity of this one — and Instagram influencers who couldn’t help but share looks with metallic glitter applied across foreheads, cheeks and even chins!