It's almost Christmas, and we cannot stop gawking at the pre-season festivities bedecking our houses. We can picture you scrambling to rearrange the ornaments on your trees after your cats have fiddled with them, only for your feline companions to sabotage your efforts within seconds. Let's come to the point, though: you're hosting a get-together with your extended family, and despite having put together an outfit, you've no idea whether you're replicating a minimalist makeup look or going all-out with your look. Regardless, we've put together a few tips for you to incorporate into your routine to perfect your makeup effortlessly.


01. Add colours to your palette

Add colours to your palette

Image Courtesy: @inglot_australia

It's time to tap into the potential of coloured eyeliners. Apart from brightening your eyes without the need for eyeshadow, these strokes of deliciously-hued colours help add a dash of vibrance to your overall look. The Lakmé Absolute Kohl Ultimate The Gelato Collection has launched eight lovestruck pencils that add a burst of colour to your look—from the blues of oceans to the pinks of Kim Kardashian's outfits, this range displays it all. Enriched with moisturising ceramides, these pops of colour-on-a-stick glide onto your skin effortlessly. Just tease the inner corners of your eyes with a bit of colour if you don't want to go all-out.


02. Mix your highlighter with moisturiser

2. Mix your highlighter with moisturiser

Image Courtesy: @put_themakeup

Your Instagram's 'saved' section is an oracle for lit-from-within looks you've been wanting to recreate, and now's the perfect time to experiment a little. To set the base for a luminous glow, mix a drop of your liquid highlighter with a little bit of your go-to moisturiser, and apply the resulting formula to your skin. We're obsessed with the Lakmé Liquid Highlighter - Silver at the moment.


03. Add a bold lip to your ensemble

3. Add a bold lip to your ensemble

A bold lip for the holidays is statement-making. Swap your gloss for a hue of scarlet on the lips. And dab a little highlighter on your Cupid's Bow to accentuate that puckered pout.


04 Don't shrug mascara off

4 Don't shrug mascara off

Image Courtesy: @clod_is_

We're so obsessed with the versatility of mascaras—from complementing minimalistic looks to dramatising an intense cat-eyed look, mascara is our go-to for everything. To volumise the lashes, the Lakmé Eyeconic Volume Mascara, formulated with lash-loving ingredients like calendula extract and castor oil, is ideal.


05 Set the base with a primer

5 Set the base with a primer

Image Courtesy: @andressa.vicky

Before diving into foundation and concealer, don't forget to set the base for long-lasting makeup, rid of creases, lines, wrinkles, and other imperfections with a primer. We tend to forgo this step without realising that it sets the tone for the rest of our look.

Image Courtesy: @luizalazri