Mirrored Manicures Are Here – And They're Stunning

Written by Urvi ShahMar 02, 2022
Mirrored manicures are here – and they're stunning

It's true that my Pinterest boards are packed with photos of models bedecking their nails with rhinestones, and celebrities like Kim Kardashian swapping their extensions with neutral manicures. Yup. I like keeping up with nail-art trends.

Our algorithms are spotlighting yet another trend RN: mirrored manicures. And we've bookmarked some of the prettiest iterations of the trend for you to draw inspiration from for your next manicure appointment. What are you waiting for? Save these to your mood-boards ASAP.


01. 3D metallics

Minimalistic Frenchies

Image Courtesy: @theset.bykj


I've never been one for clear acrylics; but this look is making a case for the trend. Bedazzled with metallic teardrops, these nails are all about the accessories. We cannot imagine just how heavy they must feel, but we're loving them anyway. Even though we'll never tire of a strip of silver polish sitting atop the nails, this version of the trend is something different…and something we'd like to try.

BB Picks: Lakmé Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Polish - Salmon



Minimalistic Frenchies

Image Courtesy: @indigodistributor_sara

This one is just so pretty—what with a dash of black dripping into scintillating sprinkles of silver. And can you imagine just how pretty this smattering of black-and-silver will look under the sun? Saving this one ASAP.

BB Picks: Lakmé Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Color - Carbon


03. Glistening gold

Minimalistic Frenchies

Image Courtesy: @basecoatandchill


We've seen countless versions of the French manicure: very colourful ones. But chrome? Not so much. This one is subtle in the way that it works on the tips of the nail, and bold in the colour it chooses to employ. *aggressively gushes over them".

BB Picks: Lakmé Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Color - Treasure


04. Rose-gold hues

Minimalistic Frenchies

Image Courtesy: @opi_nordic

We've not seen too many rose-gold iterations, and that's exactly why we bookmarked this one instantly. If you're not one for extensions (and you're not alone—everyone's leaning towards shorter manicures these days), this rose-gold tint is perfect for you. Look at how it shimmers under the sun!

BB Picks: Lakmé Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Color, Gold Dust


05. Minimalistic Frenchies

Minimalistic Frenchies

Image Courtesy: @polishedbylolo


A strip of purple contoured by a strip of metallic gold is all that there is to this double French manicure. We're loving how intricate this one is, and how much it flatters shorter nails.

BB Picks; Lakmé Color Crush Nail Art - M15 Purple

Image Courtesy: @indigodistributor_sara



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