Fall 2021: 5 Trendy Manicure Ideas We’re Crushing Over Rn

Written by Tashika TyagiNov 30, 2023
Fall 2021: 5 trendy manicure ideas we’re crushing over RN

It’s that time of the year when the leaves change colours and the nights turn longer — yes, autumn is finally here! And if there is anything we love more than the sweet, breezy evenings of the fall season, it has to be the lovely makeup trends that the season brings along with it.

And to make sure you’re up-to-date with the trends of the season, we have picked out five minimalistic yet dramatic nail trends that you’ve gotta try out this fall 2021.


Double French tips

Fall ombré

Image Courtesy: @FashionDrug

A simple yet classy rendition of our beloved French manicure, the double French tips is what you’ll be seeing everywhere this season. Instead of single thick edged tips that we see in the classic French manicures, this one calls for two thin lines — one at the nail tip and the other a little distance apart. This makes your nails look oh-so-pretty!


Touch of gold

Fall ombré

Image Courtesy: @Stylish Belles

This manicure is so elegant! The best part is that it isn’t that hard to achieve and doesn’t require you to have pro-level skills either. All you need to do is paint your nails with black nail polish. Once that dries out, then add a touch of gold nail paint over it and blend it with a brush — easy-peasy, isn’t it?


Negative spacing

Fall ombré

Image Courtesy: @Health Beauty Life

We love negative space nails. They are super minimalistic yet add a dramatic flair to the manicure. Use fall-appropriate nail colours like burgundy and emerald hues to recreate the eye-catching manicure design.


Pretty swirls

Fall ombré

Image Courtesy: @Prada & Pearls

The swirl or wave nail trend is pretty big in 2021 and that’s why you need to try it out in the fall season too! We suggest picking colours like olive, gray, sandy, chocolate or powder blue for your base colour, as they are quite trending this season. For the swirl pattern, opt for a lighter colour like white or nude to draw your desired patterns.


Fall ombré

Fall ombré

Image Courtesy: @Total Beauty 

If you don’t wanna get all artistic and need something simple yet stylish for your nails this fall, then the fall ombré style is all you need. Super easy and chic, this trend simply calls for painting each of your nails in a different hue (of the same undertone) to give them an ombré effect. Pick shades of nude and brown for this trend to perfectly summarise this season on your nails.

Main Image Courtesy: @Stylish Belles , @Total Beauty 

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