Have you ever gone all-out with your makeup just for it to stain your mask right after you put it on? All those hours spent on perfecting the contour and placing the highlighter right where the light hits — down the drain. So should you stop wearing makeup under a face mask altogether? Of course, not. Instead, follow these five simple tips to keep your makeup from smudging under a face mask.


01. Start with a primer

Start with a primer

Primers create a barrier between your skin and makeup, keeping the natural oils of your skin from mixing with makeup and causing it to smudge. They blur out imperfections, create a seamless surface for the application of products, and extend the life of your makeup. Dab some primer on your face, blend it in, and wait for a few minutes before continuing with your makeup.

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02. Use a long-wear foundation

Use a long-wear foundation

Look out for a long-stay foundation that’s waterproof and sweat-resistant — and one that gives you a matte finish. If you’re a sucker for a dewy, fresh base, there’s not much you can do to minimise smudging. A stick foundation is your ideal makeup accompaniment since it offers medium-to-full coverage. For liquid formulas, dab a few drops on your makeup brush, spray some setting spray on it, and proceed with the application.

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03. Enhance your eyes

Enhance your eyes

Instead of experimenting with looks that underscore your lips or cheeks, try accentuating your eyes since they’re, literally, the centre of attention on a mask-ridden face. Do a full-fledged eye makeup look. Dab some highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes, or even under your eyes for a pop. Define your brows by filling them. And apply 2-3 coats of mascara to add volume to your lashes.

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04. Apply a long-lasting lipstick

Apply a long-lasting lipstick

Bid adieu to your glittery glosses and creamy formulas, and opt for something that lasts a little longer. A matte lipstick tends to stay put, especially liquid ones. Since you’re going to be fidgeting with your mask while you’re out, why not invest in a lipstick that doesn’t smear as much? You can also paint your lips with a lip stain or lip pencil too as they tend to last longer.

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05. Conclude with a setting spray

Conclude with a setting spray

You cannot skip out on this step if you don’t want your makeup to budge, flake, or smear your mask. A setting spray forms a film over your skin and locks in all that makeup for hours on end. It’s truly a life-saver. Just spritz some on your face once you’re done with your makeup and forget about your makeup smudging for the rest of the day.