2021 Makeup Trends: Top 5 Winter-Festive Makeup Trends To Look Out For

Written by Tashika TyagiNov 30, 2023
2021 makeup trends: Top 5 winter-festive makeup trends to look out for

After the high humidity and incessant rain, we are just a few months away from our favourite season of the year - winter! Besides our love for hot chocolate and baggy sweaters, the very idea of not having to worry about humidity or rain spoiling our makeup is relief enough for us. So, while we wait for winter, we’ve listed out our favourite winter-festive makeup trends of 2021 that you lovelies should look out for and bookmark to make sure you look amazing throughout the festive season.


1. Multi-coloured eyes

Soft wash of colour

Image Courtesy: @Sportsfreund Studios

This winter is all about going wild and painting your eyelids with bright and fun hues. Make vivid, bold shades from your eyeshadow palette your best friend and get artistic with your eye makeup. Mix and match tints from the same colour group (like purples and blues) or go all out and blend shades like yellow and red; after all, festive is all about some colour play.


2. Burgundy lips

Soft wash of colour

Image Courtesy: @COSM RESEARCH

Winter makeup is all about deep hues and we are totally diggin the burgundy lip colour for this season. Instead of the classic ol’ red lip colour, opt for burgundy to add a charming yet striking note to your lips. Make sure to use your lip pencils to define and add dimension to your lips.


3. No-makeup makeup

Soft wash of colour

Image Courtesy: @We Heart It

Let’s just agree to the fact that no-makeup makeup looks are here to stay and they look great in all seasons. For the winters, we say go for creamy, moisturising formulas while choosing your makeup to get happy, nourished looking skin. Also, make the most of your highlighters and keep your lip glosses handy to get that dewy look this festive season.


4. Soft glam makeup

Soft wash of colour

Image Courtesy: @Itakeyou Wedding

If subtle is more your style, then you’d love the soft glam makeup trend this winter. Nude and neutral monochrome colours are what we’d see in abundance this winter-festive season. Feathered eyebrows, neutral eyes, minimalist makeup and nude lip colours - this year’s soft glam is all this and more; so start stocking up, ladies!


5. Soft wash of colour

Soft wash of colour

Image Courtesy: @maryphillips

Taking the soft, subtle makeup trend further, we can’t wait to try out the soft wash of colour eye trend this winter. This trend is all about blending your eyeshadow with a makeup brush to get a soft, washed out finish. What we love is that this look is perfect for party nights as well as daytime hangouts with your buddies.

Main Image Courtesy: @Itakeyou Wedding

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