As pops of colour, geometric shapes, mascara-coated falsies, and dramatic cut-creases bedeck our eyes, we reel in an era reminiscent of the ‘60s. A lot of experts attribute this uptick in bold eye centred makeup trends to the pandemic—what with a slew of models, celebrities, and influencers accessorising their Instagram feed with a carousel of their dramatic eye makeup lewks.

As the pandemic raged on outside, we shifted focus—our brushes—from the lips, cheeks, and nose to the eyes (owing to the unsightly mask covering half of our faces). And a lot of our inspiration came from the ‘60s, aka the decade known for its elaborate eye makeup looks. Here are a few trends from the ‘60s that have claimed centre-stage in the past year.


01. Graphic eyeliner

Graphic eyeliner

Image Courtesy: @_rayzabezerra

If you think a cat-eyed look is intense, you’re in for a surprise. Involving dramatic strokes of eyeliner on the lids, this ‘60s trend resurrects the experimental MUA in all of us. From drawing a line along the crease of your eyes with a coloured pencil to complimenting your winged eyeliner and dotting your lower lid with eyeliner to accentuate ‘floating’ wings on the upper lids, there’s just so much to work with!


02. Cut crease eyeshadow

Cut crease eyeshadow

Image Courtesy: @sandramekki

In the ‘60s, dramatic cut-crease looks fashioned with pops of blue, pink, purple, and green were omnipresent. This is a technique that defines the crease of your eyes by cutting across it with a contrasting shade of eyeshadow. In other words, it creates a stark contrast between the lids and the crease and adds depth and definition to your eye. This makes them appear larger than usual. We’re seeing this trend everywhere, and we’re living for every bit of it.


03. Sharp brows

Sharp brows

Image Courtesy: @merton_muaremi_makeup


A perfectly-arched, natural-looking brow extending into a shorter, thicker tail was all the rage in the ‘60s. Quite a contrast from the vibrant play of colours, shapes, and designs on the lids, the brows were simple, neat, and understated—and inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s filled-in brows. Much like the style of our brows now.


04. Lengthy lashes

Lengthy lashes

Image Courtesy: @shay_zeinali

Falsies are a makeup staple. They lift, thicken, and lengthen your natural lashes and dramatise your look. They’re almost ubiquitous these days. In the ‘60s, falsies became a centrepiece of makeup, and doll-like eyes were in. Seems like this trend is here to stay, no?