Ace Your Nail Art Game With These American Manicure Designs

Written by Team BBNov 30, 2023
Ace Your Nail Art Game With These American Manicure Designs

If you’ve always thought of the French manicure as a little plain for your taste, it’s time you try the newest contender in town — American manicure. As opposed to the nude base and white tips, the latter adorns your nails with unique prints, glitter, and holographic tips.

While the base is similar, the tip of the nail is fashioned differently in both styles. Stepping away from the classic white tip of a French manicure, the American manicure is edgy and fun, aka perfect for experimentalists. Want to hop onto the American manicure trend? Here are a few designs you can try right now…


1. Snake tips


Celebrity manicurist Michelle Humphrey bedecks British singer-songwriter Dua Lipa’s nails with what she calls ‘snake tips’. Placed against a clear base, we’re loving the texture and colour play.

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2. Pretty in pink


Embellished with butterflies, cherries, flowers, and hearts, this version of the American manicure is inspired by the oh-so-popular Y2K trend. Accentuated by a shade of pink along the tips, we just cannot stop fawning over the cutesy decals.

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3. Midnight stars


This design just embodies the allure of midnight stars, doesn’t it? Set against a shade of black, and layered with glitter, the look is stitched together through the chromatic stars drawn on the sides of the nails.

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4. Neon fade


Look at how seamlessly these shades of neon melt into one another. The vibrant blue-and-green tips complement the subtle pink-and-orange ones without overwhelming the entire look.

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5. Icy winter


Blue is a go-to colour for winters, isn’t it? If you’re visiting a salon soon, ask your manicurist to replicate this look, or substitute the flowers for snowflakes around the tips to add a streak of creativity to the design.

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6. The NAOMI


Black is our go-to! Named after British model Naomi Campbell, this look is brought together by a dash of silver bordering the arcs of black along the tips and above the cuticles. Exquisite from every angle, isn’t it?

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