Ananya Panday turns 22 today! This young stunner might still be figuring out her on-screen niche, yet, her glam game is on-point and how! The 22-year old has all the makings of a Gen Z fashionista — serving cool hair and makeup looks on the daily. There are some fabulous beauty lessons you can learn from her, and what better time to list them down then on her birthday. Check ‘em out and don’t forget to take notes…


1. Have fun with quirky colours

Have fun with quirky colours

Let the overworked millennials worry about putting together no-makeup makeup looks! Playing around with quirky colours in your makeup can bring out the best in your outfits. Adding fun colours to your makeup collection also comes in handy while creating a variety of eye looks — a new one for every single one of the cropped tops in your wardrobe.


2. Accessorising never hurt anybody

Accessorising never hurt anybody

No matter what your hair length or style, you can always add some accessories to the mix! Some of Ananya’s major hair moments consist of accented ponytails, silver ringlets, rubber band hairstyles and fancy-schmancy headbands. We suggest you invest your allowance on accessories rather than pricey hair styling gels and creams — you will get more for your dough that way!


3. Let your skin show under the makeup

Let your skin show under the makeup

Do not cake layers of foundation on your face — stick to sheer formulas so that your skin can show from underneath the makeup. Stock up on colour correctors and concealers to cover up visible imperfections and save full coverage foundations for special occasions.


4. Elevate the basics

Elevate the basics

You do not have to shell out on elaborate eyeshadows or pigmented contour palettes to turn up the drama of your makeup looks. Upgrade the basics — swap your black kajal pencil with coloured kohls or matte lippies with lip glosses to switch up your look.


5. Add your unique spin on popular trends

Add your unique spin on popular trends

Gen Z is single-handedly responsible for coming up with the best TikTok and Instagram hair trends we have seen this year. However, don't just blindly follow trends, add your own unique twist to it. Ananya let out some face-framing tendrils with her space buns — making the trend her own in a unique way.

Images courtesy: @ananyapanday