Karishma Tanna Birthday Special: Beauty Lessons We Picked Up From The Actress

Written by Urvi ShahNov 30, 2023
Karishma Tanna Birthday Special: Beauty Lessons We Picked Up From The Actress

Ever wanted to dive into actress Karishma Tanna’s skincare repository just to see what’s going on in there? How do you explain the perpetual lit-from-within glow otherwise? On the star’s 38th birthday, we do just that. And trust us — her regimen is unbelievably straightforward and simple.


1. Rejuvenate with rose water

Adhere to a proper fitness routine

Right after waking up, Karishma splashes a little bit of rose water on her face. Effective treatment for inflammation, acne, and swelling, this all-natural skincare saviour soothes the skin, reduces irritation, and refreshes you instantly — and its divine scent is just an added benefit.


2. Mix serum with sunscreen

Adhere to a proper fitness routine

Karishma likes mixing her vitamin C serum with her sunscreen. The former combats dark spots and pigmentation on the face and the latter is non-negotiable regardless of whether it’s summer or winter as it protects the skin from premature ageing and dark spots.


3. DIY fuss-free facial treatments

Adhere to a proper fitness routine

A dollop of refrigerated aloe vera is all you need to reinstate your radiance. Karishma extracts the gel from her home-grown plants and places it in her refrigerator for a bit before applying some on her face for ten minutes. She also pampers her skin with homemade face masks too — turmeric, yoghurt, and lemon concoction are her go-to for clear skin. Her favourite DIY scrub is hassle-free too — just mix some coffee, olive oil, and sugar and scrub away.


4. Sip on coconut water

Adhere to a proper fitness routine

Karishma reveals that her glowing skin is a result of her commitment to drinking two glasses of coconut water before noon. Not only does the beverage hydrate the skin, but it also improves elasticity, boosts collagen production, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.


5. Adhere to a proper fitness routine

Adhere to a proper fitness routine

Tanna isn’t one to go easy with workouts. She swears by her ‘sore today, stronger tomorrow’ fitness mantra as she dives into high-intensity workouts like squatting, lifting, and even creating waves with battle ropes. Adhering to a fitness regimen doesn’t just enhance your overall health, but rewards you with an all-natural glow, and who does not want that?

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