Twinkle Khanna has, from time to time, left us stunned with her talents and skills—from acting to interior decorating to now becoming a bestselling author. She is witty and full of life; her Instagram posts have us gushing over her life and, of course, her undeniable sense of humour that makes her Mrs Funnybones! From sharing snippets of her daily life to giving us recommendations for the best reads and letting us in on her realistic diet and beauty tips, here are five times Twinkle Khanna set real girl beauty goals for us.


01. Signature makeup look

Signature makeup look

Twinkle knows what works the best for her features and has stuck to it to accentuate her face in the best way possible. Her signature makeup with the perfectly tightlined kohl and eyeliner has us getting lost in her gorg eyes. She always has sleek eyebrows with a slightly bronzed face, finished with either no lipstick or shades of pink. Well, talk about an instant classic! We’re happy to see her stick to basics and nail it, showing us that less is more.


02. Oranges for skin

Oranges for skin

In a recent Instagram post, Twinkle revealed that she eats orange peels along with the fruit as they are richer in fibre than the fleshy fruit. She also added that she uses the powdered rinds as a body scrub, urging us to find multi-uses of a single thing. We all know how oranges are beneficial for the skin due to their richness in vitamin C and their ability to fight against acne. We don’t know about you, but we will surely save the powdered rinds for a good scrub hereafter.


03. Healthy food choices

Healthy food choices

Twinkle has always been a strong ambassador of simple, homemade and healthy food choices. And in this post, she has shared a healthy yet yum recipe for ragi idli. Ragi is rich in protein and calcium while aiding digestion and ageing. Time to add a new recipe to our daily routine, RN!


04. Onion for hair

Onion for hair

We all love a good home remedy for smooth and healthy hair. Twinkle revealed her ‘stinky’ secret on Instagram, saying, “An onion a day keeps everyone away.” She swears by whipping up onion juice and applying it to her scalp. She lets it sit for 20 mins and washes it off. Onions are great for dandruff, hair fall, premature greying, and overall hair lustre. We loved the onion hack already, but this hack is at the top of our list with Twinkle’s approval!


05. Fitness


Twinkle once revealed in an interview, “My mind runs in so many circles. If my body could do that, I’d be very thin. But I’m a lazy person. I only exercise because I need to. Regular Patanjali yoga, pranayama and Pilates are a must.” Apart from that, a walk with her dog or a friend, a quick swim, or a hike with family is enough. Well, between all the complicated and hard-to-follow fitness hustles we see these days, it’s refreshing to see someone be the flagbearer of simple exercises, don't you think?