From precise, perfect and straight lines to smudged, inverted and more, we have seen eyeliner styles go through so many transformations over the years. Our Instagram explore section is always flooded with stunning eye makeup looks that we end up bookmarking to try later. One eye makeup look that recently caught our fancy was Bella Hadid’s butterfly cat eye makeup look.

Gorgeous would be an understatement — because it made our heart flutter a little. Bella captioned the post: “Made my face a canvas on one of the many days I felt completely useless.” We can relate to this and probably a lot of makeup bloggers do too because the butterfly eye makeup look has gone onto become one of the biggest makeup trends of 2020 — and no, we’re not complaining.

Butterfly eye makeup look

Image courtesy: @debasreee

Apart from international celebrities, popular Indian beauty bloggers like Debasree Banerjee were also spotted posting pictures sporting this stunning eye trend. If you find Bella’s look a little too bold or experimental, try Debasree’s — which is subtle and pretty. Or better yet, use your creativity to come up with something unique and different altogether.

Pssst… don’t forget to use #ButterflyEyeMakeup when posting your masterpiece on the ‘gram.