5 Creative Nose Makeup Looks To Steal The Limelight

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
5 Creative Nose Makeup Looks To Steal The Limelight

With graphic eyes, intensely defined lips, glitter everywhere — it seems like no part of our face has been left behind when it comes to experimenting with makeup. But it's always the nose that receives little to no attention. Yes, the humble nose. Always the centre of the face, but never the centre of attention when it comes to makeup — until now. One of the freshest trends to come out this year, creative nose makeup looks are all the rage.

Whether you're trying to recreate an e-girl look, blush-draping, or creating something a little Euphoria-esque, there's a look for every mood — and it's not just limited to contouring, either! Ahead, we're listing down our favourite creative nose makeup looks to try. So bookmark these for inspo!


1. Electric neons

05. Fake freckles

Image courtesy: @dazeddigital

If you're not one to shy away from bold makeup looks that could be spotted from a mile away, this one's for you! Create an eye makeup look with neon eyeshadow — lime green and pink are always a good option — and carefully paint the tip of your nose with one of the colours, while blending it upward.


2. E-girl pinks

05. Fake freckles

Image courtesy: @dojacat

We believe it was Doja Cat who popularised the blush-all-over-the-face trend, and we feel it's only fair that we cite her rosy look for this one. Do your face like your best e-girl self by smattering a healthy dose of bright pink blush not just on your cheeks and lids, but all over your nose too. Don't forget to highlight the tip!


3. Painting experiment

05. Fake freckles

Image courtesy: @dazed

Sure, this one isn't for the faint-hearted... But if you're brave enough to treat your face and your nose like a canvas, there's nothing like it! Makeup is an art form, after all (they don't call 'em makeup artists for anything) and you can experiment to your heart's desire with any visual you like. Make sure you get the blending from your cheeks and forehead to your nose on point, and you're golden!


4. Make it iridescent

05. Fake freckles

Image courtesy: @weheartit

When in doubt, highlight the tip and the centre of your nose — and make it iridescent! If you want your nose to not be neglected, but still want to keep it subtle, a monochrome, iridescent look can do wonders. Plus, it's so futuristic and Euphoria-esque!


5. Fake freckles

05. Fake freckles

Image courtesy: @buzzfeed

Once frowned-down upon, freckles have become all the rage. People are going as far as using mehndi to get fake freckles! If you're one of the lucky fews who managed to get the cute-as-a-button trait, lucky you! But for the rest of us who are vaguely #unblessed? Draw 'em on with an eyebrow pencil, matte dark brown eyeshadow, or mehndi already.

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